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*sniffle* snort* wheeze* cough cough*

The title of my post sounds like my house this week. All of us, including Mr K who got sick today and we had him at home. You can tell I am sick when I don’t blog. I actually haven’t blogged on post in a week; all my Pumpkin Week recipes were edited and scheduled to publish last week. And a dang good thing, until tonight I haven’t had the time or the inclination or the brain power to type a single thing. Even on the Super Mom website, the book reviews are always done way ahead of time and  scheduled to publish. And another hurray for that, because my brain is so not attached to my body.

How do you tell the flu from a cold? I have searched the internet and can’t really find a distinct answer. Fever with flu, most of the time, not all. Headaches with flu, but sometimes colds too. Sometimes sore throats with cold, and maybe with flu.

So what do you have if you are on day 7 !! of being worn out and sick, headaches, sore throat one day, not again, no fever, a few aches and snot that won’t go away? Ebola?


Honestly though, how on earth would you tell a mild case of the flu? Having been reading…and reading….and reading up on the flu lately, most cases seem to be mild. It’s only when they severe that you know you have the flu.

Well, bless my that a ventilator tube sticking out of my mouth” Why so it is! Guess it’s the flu after all!”


Anyways, hopefully  I start kicking this virus’s butt, because tomorrow is a morning field trip with my daughter, then a school family dance with my son that night, working on Saturday night, and then Zombieland on Sunday. Busy little bee me!


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    October 26, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    This cold is kicking so many people’s butt. I keep waiting for this cold to morph into some sort of super flu, just to teach me a lesson about all my conspiracy theory rantings about pharmaceutical companies and vaccines.

    Get better soon!!

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