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close up of a slug

Oh, what would I do without the endless entertainment of my children?

Children who, when they find a slug under the deck, proceed to beg and plead with their mother to keep it.

A slug.


They have a cat.

They have some fish.

They have a gerbil.

It’s not like we have a lack of animal life in the house.

My poor, sad, deprived children needed to befriend a slimy little vegetable destroyer because we obviously don’t have any invertebrates in the house.

Ok, well he almost looks, well, personable in the picture below.

Look at those cute little eyes at the end of slimy stalks.

slug with cute little eyes

Sluggy was pretty big too!  They couldn’t just find any slug, it had to be 2 inches long.

a ballpen beside a slug

Sluggy is gone now. He hung around in a jar for a while, ate some cucumber, slugged around, entertained my kids massively and then we released him back under the deck.

My daughter actually cried about how much she missed Sluggy. I had to explain to her that winter was coming and slugs needed to do certain slug things.

Tears from the girl who when told that our cat Buffy could choke with string around her neck told me “That’s ok, we’ll just get another cat.”


Over a slug.

But we can get a new cat.

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  1. boat propellers Honda says

    It’s interesting that no matter what someone writes, you want to read it.

  2. Karlynn says

    Or all the rain this year? Cause there was no damn “warming” in this area of the country. Not that I am bitter that we got screwed out of a wonderful hot summer. Newp. Not I.

    There were lots of slugs on our acreage just outside Edmonton where I grew up and they were teeny tiny. This guy was a monster, I could (and did) literally pick him up between my fingers and not worry about squishing him. Ew. The things I do for my children.

  3. Kevin says

    What. The. Heck. When I was a kid, I’m pretty sure slugs were the size of a peanut. We’d marvel at the ones on the west coast the size of a large chili. But just a week or two ago, for the first time, I saw your sluggy’s sibling on my basement window and couldn’t believe it. Must be global warming – the slugs are getting bigger.

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