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Two kids Skiing At Marmot Basin

While we were out in Jasper a couple of weekends ago, we decided to head out to Marmot Basin so the kids could take part in some lessons. While planning the excursion with the lovely people at Marmot, I nervously repeated – many times- that my kids had never, ever been on a pair of ski’s before. I was quickly assured that this wasn’t a problem and that there was a class for everyone!

Marmot Basin is a family friendly, popular ski hill located in the Rocky Mountains just outside of Jasper, Alberta. This year marks their 50th anniversary and they are going to have a lot of contests, deals and more happening this year, so make sure to watch their website for details!

We headed out on a beautiful snowy winter’s day and drove up the ski hill so that Mr K and The Rose could start learning how to ski! They were, of course, a little bit apprehensive, as kids can be about trying something entirely new.

However we soon arrived and went straight into the rentals shop for them to gear up.

Inside the rental shop for gears for skiing At Marmot Basin

The cheery and helpful staff soon had the kids feeling at ease and ready to tackle their first skiing lesson.

Rental shop staff assisting the kid in choosing skiing gear

I seriously can’t believe how grouchy they look in this picture! I seriously think that sometimes they just get tired of my camera pointed at them constantly.

They actually were vibrating with excitement at this point but their poker faces show nothing!

kids with poker faces wearing their skiing gears

We met the instructor outside and the kids started their first skiing lesson ever! Oh how lucky these kids are I tell you! The instructor was fabulous, taking her time with them, being patient and making it oh so much fun!

The staff at Marmot is really wonderful, their passion for those snowy hills shows not only when they talk, but in the way their eyes just sparkle when talking about skiing or snowboarding! There is nothing that can compare to being taught by a teacher that loves what they do!

staff at Marmot assisting the kids in skiing

Mr K took to skiing like a fish takes to water. He did absolutely fantastic and we literally had to drag him away from the bunny hill when it was time to go home.

little boy in skiing gear holding his skiing board

My little Rose surprised us all. Sometimes with her you just never know. Activities that are a little harder tend to get her all worked up and frustrated easily. It’s a testament to her teacher that she spent two hours learning skiing basics and never once grouched about it! She was absolutely beaming by the end of the lesson and was so intent on showing us what she learned.

little girl wearing her skiing gear on her skiing board

little girl wearing her skiing gear on her skiing board looking down

This picture has me shaking my head at how tall he’s getting.  He was as tall as his instructor almost!

And this! Can we say teenager in the making? Good Lord child, please stop growing! I could just picture him on the slopes with his friends when I took this picture.

I can still pinch and kiss those little rosy cheeks however and embarrass him completely. And I did. Hey, those little cheeks needed warming up!

close up of little boy in skiing gear

While the falls were few, the fun was aplenty. I still am in a little disbelief that both of my children loved it. Which means that I can take both of them skiing again. They so rarely love the same activities!

little girl in skiing gear sitting in the snow

Speaking of skiing again, we seriously can’t wait. While this trip was sponsored by Marmot (and a HUGE thank you from us and the kids for a fantastic afternoon!) I looked into coming back again because the kids have been begging me.

The prices at Marmot are fabulous. We were thinking of heading back for their Kids Camp, the lesson and lunch for only $99, which is a great deal in my books. The quality of instruction there is amazing, I couldn’t believe what my kids learned there in a mere two hours and let’s face it, the location cannot be beat. Oh, my spoiled children, taking their first skiing lessons in the heart of the majestic Rocky Mountains! I took mine in the middle of Edmonton like most kids did!

The whole focus of Marmot Basin is most definitely about family.It’s a very family friendly destination and the reason why we are trying to plan another trip before ski season is over. There are packages for kids, there are packages for adults (like me who are very rusty!) the lodge itself is very family friendly, with a cafeteria full of tasty food for everyone and plenty of space to rest.

There’s even a nursery option so that while Mom and Dad get in some time on the hills, your little ones are taken care of and can even take a little lesson themselves outside!

I rather enjoyed being a lodge bunny, having  lunch and peeking out to watch the kids every now and then.

Now, as for affordable places to stay for families wanting to spend a day skiing At Marmot Basin I have a Hotel Room Tour of the Marmot Lodge coming right up as well! The weather turned really miserable that night and we decided to stay in Jasper that night after skiing and hunkered down at the first place we found.

So how many of you are skiers? When’s the last time you were out? Man, it’s my early twenties for me. I was reminded at Marmot how much I used to love skiing and am glad I got the kids out there to try it, with great results!

Thanks for stopping in and reading!



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