Fun Times

Silver Lining

It’s true, every cloud has a silver lining.

Even those dark grey, deluge rain filled thundering clouds that have been hovering over the city for the last two days.

Those same clouds that brought winds that blew down a lot of my beautiful delphiniums.


But it did force my hand to cut the ones that were broken and bring them inside. I am odd that way, you see.

I grow all sorts of flowers that are “excellent cut flowers” yet rarely bring a bouquet inside. It’s like I want to hoard them outside.

But these..oh, these are most definitely excellent cut flowers. Almost too fancy for my living room.

And it was a good excuse to use my grandmother’s vase. I got it out, dusted it off and put it to good use.

The rest of the 7 foot monster delphiniums are now tied back with string and hopefully will escape the rest of the deluge.

Please. I am begging the gods above.

No more rain.

My kids are driving me insane.

I am tired of a soggy backyard.

Staying inside my house forces me to clean it.

Have I mentioned that my children are driving me insane?

Please. Sunshine tomorrow. Splash parks. Playgrounds. Walks.

*crossing fingers and praying to the sun god*


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