While on spring break, I took the kids out to my parents place, so they could enjoy all that farm kids do for a few days. Without the chores, of course. Lucky little turkeys just get to go and play “county kid”, while their poor mother grew up country kid with all the chores that came with it.

Let's just say it involved more grass cutting than I will ever cut in the city in the whole of my life and lots of manure.


Scenes from the week include:

My son learning to start his mini skidoo all by himself.



Racing around slicker than heck now that Papa put a lift kit on it – so it can go in deeper snow- and giving it his all for the last skidoo hurrah of the winter.


My nephew visiting with Arthur.

Who promptly left when he realized we had no oats for him.



So in order to placate that ornery horse, we clomped out to the barn to get some oats.

I forgot that on farms mousetraps are everywhere.

Yes, it makes perfect sense in the oats.

There are no words to express my relief at not finding anything caught in these.

No words.


Feeding said ornery horse those oats, which has my daughter in seventh heaven.


Ignoring the sheer terror in my heart and letting her try out the pitchfork to load up some hay for the horse.

She did it once and then my poor knees started knocking and I quietly told her “good job” and took it away.

Then tried to ignore the nightmarish flashes in my mind of what this kid could do with that pitchfork to anything in her vicinity.


Then was pleasantly cheered up to watch the kids build a snowman with Papa. Speaking of which, you Calgary peoples,  do you have snow this year! Holy shoot!  It's close to Edmonton levels! You aren't use to it, are ya?

Usually by this time the snow is gone and we start worrying about neighbors trying to burn down the neighborhood again.

And just in case you recuperated from the picture of my daughter with a pitchfork, I leave you with this, to give you and your children nightmares about the Easter Bunny.


Happy Monday everyone!


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