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Welcome to Utah road signage

The very first thing I did when I found out we were going to Salt Lake City for a week was to scope out some of the places that we wanted to go and dine at during our stay.  Ok maybe the second, or third, first of all I checked out what the average seasonal temperature was – which is what all Edmontonians do in the middle of winter, dream about warmer climes- and looked up what shopping was there.

I made my list and checked it twice, dreamed in color food vision about the places we would check out, whatever euphemism you want to use. Go ahead and euphamize.

Is that a word? Euphamize? It is now.

My spell check just tried to tell me that it’s euthanize so apparently it’s not a word. What does Word Press know anyway?

It don’t know food.

Oh, but Salt Lake City does!

We weren’t actually there to eat our way through Salt Lake City, but we tried our darndest. We went for the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit with my husbands website CMS Critic. He’s the press man and I went along to shoot the photos for him.

lighted building with adobe logo


And to take pictures of Salt Lake’s great food.

The Copper Onion was first on my list of places I wanted to try.

We popped in for lunch after driving from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake, our stomachs growling from the long trip and lack of eats. We quickly checked into our hotel and took a gander at what was near us. The Copper Onion was close, had a great looking lunch menu and was on my “list”.

We started out with real iced tea- one of my favorite parts of travelling in the States- and then the patatas bravas, which were fried potatoes with spicy aioli. This was a punch straight to your taste buds, it bordered on too salty but not quite. It hovered in that middle line…should it be too salty? Why am I not thinking this is too salty? As you eat….and eat….and then it’s gone and you’re looking for more.

a plate of patatas bravas - fried potatoes with spicy aioli

I ordered the lunch/half-size meatloaf which was a perfect portion. Indeed, since we are eating out all week I wish more places had small servings like this was. We found ourselves skipping breakfast since we knew what delicacies await us later in the day and there’s just not enough room.

This was made from Pleasant Creek ranch beef, lamb & pork,  creamy decadent mashed potatoes and a side of sautéed spinach. It was everything that it should be, warm, comforting home-made goodness on a plate. The wilted spinach was a delight, simply salted, peppered and plated.

I could see this definitely becoming a work day lunch ritual if I worked in downtown Salt Lake.
Pleasant Creek ranch beef, lamb & pork with creamy decadent mashed potatoes and a side of sautéed spinach in a white plate


Sadly Martine’s was far too dark to take any quality pictures but the quality of the food was superb. Mike had the grilled pheasant with winter vegetable fricassee and I had the special of lamb sirloin with pan roasted Brussel sprouts and baby potatoes. Dessert was their Chocolate Decadence with Palmier & Mascarpone Cream and a sampling of all 3 of their dessert wines, something I thought was an incredible value at a mere $8!

In fact, we found the prices on dining so much cheaper in Salt Lake, the meal at Martine’s was barely over $100, for tapas, entrees, dessert, wine for Mike, Sangria’s for me and the dessert wines. When we got the bill I was astounded, the quality of food served would have cost us double here in Edmonton.

Speaking of Edmonton, today is the first day of spring break and I am going to spend it….cleaning my house. Today isn’t even enough to start on it, the de-cluttering that I have to do, the floors that need washing, the laundry that needs folding…

..Calgon take me away…..

I also have two small children that need motivating to get their rooms cleaned today. It looks like a Lego bomb went off in my son’s room and Barbie threw up in my daughters.

Happy Monday everyone! More posts coming this week, I have so much to catch up on!


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  1. Mary-Anne Bureyko Reid says

    My sister in-law now lives in Salt Lake City. She is coming here for a visit in April, so I will have to mention The Copper Onion to her.

    • Karlynn Urbanoski says

      We ate there TWICE. I’m in love with it. Homestyle meals kicked up just a weee notch.

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