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Just a tease of the recipes that are coming up in the next couple weeks….this was my brunch for my wonderful company yesterday.

Cherry Chocolate Squares—chewy coconut, shortbread base, cherries and chocolate chips. Oh my word these are amazing!

Lemon Bars—the same lemon bars on every site, but with MORE LEMON! This is me, after all. The other recipes are for pansies.


Asparagus/Mushroom/Onion quiche with Swiss Cheese: amazing. My son loved it. Hurray!

Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip– roasted garlic goodness made this phenomenal!

Now, before you roll your eyes at my Bree-from-Desperate-Housewives tendencies with this tasty and amazing brunch, have a laugh at my expense.

I have clay feet, I like them that way. I am ok with it.

For the brunch I thought ok, no nuts of course.

All vegetables and cheese for protein because she might have married a vegetarian. Vegan? Naw. That would have been pushing it.

I did not think however, that Cara had a wheat intolerance.

Lookit all that beautiful Artisan bread.

The crust on the quiche and the dainties.


Clay feet.


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