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close up of Jacob's ladder flower wet by rain

I am starting to feel like I live on the West Coast. So does my Jacob’s ladder above.


I wish.

But lately, the rain will not stop.

We get a few days of sun, then a week of rain. Everything is tremendously green, the trees are happy, the grass is greener than a gardener’s thumb and perhaps we can pull out of this “drought” blah blah they keep blah-blahing about.

Sorry, I appear flippant.

But when reading the newspaper this morning and seeing an article about how the River Valley is so dry from years of drought, and looking out my window at the rain that just hasn’t stopped, I feel well…flip.

I know, I know, it’s dry. I am just cranky that I have to work my tail off the one day of sun, then look longingly out the window for days at a time.

So I took rainy day pictures today.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

In the rain.

I joined this little bug on my globeflowers.

Neither of us were smart enough to get out of the rain.

close up of little bug on yellow globeflowers

And my weeds lupins that I dearly love, despite the fact that I will never get rid of them. I haven’t seeded in years, people.


I even mowed one that was growing in the front lawn.

Beautiful weeds.

close up of green leaves with raindrops

Good thing they are gorgeous and save me a lot of work.

close up of lupine that starting to bloom

My white bleeding heart that I forgot I had.

close up of white bleeding heart flowers

And the rose that my dearest husband got me when he ran out to get white sugar.

While I was in the middle of a recipe.

That, my friends, is L-O-V-E.

A man who will run out and get you white sugar when you have half a recipe done, in this miserable weather, after a long day at work, and show up with a rose in one hand, sugar in the other.

It’s also called self-preservation.

He saw that look in my eye.

That teetering on the brink of madness look, after cooking my butt off today because we have special company coming for lunch tomorrow.

close up of red rose

More will be forthcoming on those mystery guest’s that arrive tomorrow!

And recipes…mmmm mmmm recipes!

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  1. Karlynn says

    You did tell me that they were weeds back East LOL. I couldn’t believe the one growing in the grass in the front lawn, they will grow anywhere! Good thing they are so gorgeous, they are one of my favorites.

    Also a good choice for under trees where almost nothing grows, they don’t care that they have to compete for nutrients and water.

  2. Charlynn says

    I told you about the lupins didn’t I? It’s lupin flowering season here on the east coast. Lupins in every abandoned lot, all over the highways, everywhere! They are so beautiful though, I can’t wait to go pick some for my house!

  3. janice says

    i love the pics! what camera are u using? lovely blog..

    • Karlynn says

      Thanks, my pictures are getting better as I learn my camera more. I use a Canon G10, which I am in love with! It’s been a year of owning it and I still don’t know what half the settings do! Thank goodness the “point and shoot” part of it takes amazing pictures!

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