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I love kitchen stuff. Love it. If you take me into an an antique mall or show, I will spend most of the time gravitating to the kitchenware.






I love it ALL. And don’t get me started on kitchen cannisters. I have had a problem, nay, an addiction to them since I first started antiquing.  Mushroom 70’s ones, tin ones from the 50’s, ugly copper ones from the 80’s. I can’t get enough. It’s a good thing I have no counter space for them. As it is, I have two sets of tin ones, the round ones that I use and square ones that we store coffee in. My eyes are drawn to the ones in the stores or shows…but I can only long for them. No room. Sigh.

But that’s not what this post is about! This post is about what I can buy because they are useful and needed and oh so lovely.

My mommy bought this for me. She loves me. If you call enabling my addiction love. In some circles, that’s considered the wrong kinda love.

The thing I love the most about the older kitchenware is for the most part it’s affordable. And I can justify the purchase because I use it. Er, or my mom’s purchasing of it, I mean.

This big casserole dish has baked macaroni written all over it. All for the grand price of $14.

Oooh I have wanted one of these for a while, but at the secondhand stores they never have a lid I always find the bottoms.

The wonderful split dish bottoms! Love it! No mixing of veggies and picky kids complaining! Straight from the microwave steamed to the table as well since it’s so pretty. A steal at $12.

I actually think that I have a match here….my beloved large Pyrex bowl seems to match my new dish.

My motley crew. I was going to try and collect one of a certain pattern but there were a few problems with that.

1) I could never, ever choose just one pattern that I loved best. Ever.

2) When you have a set you worked hard to piece together, you are too afraid to use it.

3) You break one of a set, you cry. You break one random dish, it’s not nearly as heartbreaking.

I have had the green dish for years, and it is the one I reach for time and time again. My Corelle dishes have no handles, which drives me insane! Beautiful, expensive French white Correlle lidded baking dishes that I hate to use because they are rounded with no grip. I think they may be retired to the basement now that I have these beauties… I need more of a rainbow! Red next!


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    February 24, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    Ha, I have been picking up pyrex mixing bowls at the thrift store too, except I didn’t know that was what they were called. I have a green round casserole dish that matches your green oval one.

    The small mixing bowls are nice for warming up something in the microwave too, they don’t get crazy hot while the food stays lukewarm, unlike some of my other dishes.

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