We were taken by surprise. Slightly. Ok, not slightly, completely and utterly taken by surprise. We were expecting, as we were told by the builder, that it could take up to two months for the city to approve everything for the house, all the permits etc.

Above pic?


That would be our foundation.

This would be what our lot now looks like.



Cribbing, capping done, weeping tile was completed last Thursday. We are waiting for the city foundation inspection and then backfill will go in.

Hahahahaaa. I have no idea what I just typed above. I copied and pasted it from the builder's email. But gosh darn it,  didn't I sound like I knew what I was talking about?

Now, to set the record straight,  usually when I lose time it involves alien abduction or too much wine, take your pick. Or both, I've had some wild nights in my time.

Two words: spec house.

Our house was already approved.

We caught the spec right at the perfect time, the permits were all approved for the structural but we still were able to pick out and design everything inside the house.

So now we are two months ahead of schedule, it would appear. Everything that still needed to be approved by the city has already come back. I guess someone at the city  was bored.



So we went tonight and took pictures, of course, of the first week.


Our yard is as wide as the light fence in the pictures, we back onto that lot exactly. We are wider at the back then at the front.


Sliding windows in the basement, apparently. I was all about planning the kitchen, didn't pay attention to the windows.

View from almost the back of the yard, the last 6-7  feet were too muddy to stand in.

So, needless to say, THANK GOD our house is ready to sell, thanks to endless cleaning, de-cluttering, painting and did I mention a lot of cleaning?

It could be as little as 4 months until it's completed from this point on.

Typing that just made my my blood pressure go through the roof.

I am thinking it's about time for aliens and wine.

Woohoo! Happy Long Weekend everyone!


The Kitchen Magpie & her extraterrestrial pals.


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