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Project New House: Week 3

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a lot of wood in strange shapes,  seemingly put together in a meaningful, constructive way that will one day form my house.

It’s a work in progress, one that we knew would be happening soon as we saw that huge pile of wood sitting on the ground last week.

I guess what they are doing is building the roof on the foundation, then all in one day, will lift the roof with a crane, slap the walls on the foundation and lower the roof.


I think.

Good dang thing I am not the one building this, as Lego confuses me most days.

We also have the tubs ready to go, at least one. This tub right here caused some massive confusion with my boy.

Magpie: ” Hey, guys look, there’s a tub!”

Mr K: ” Huh? Where?”

The Princess: doesn’t even look up from her book.

Magpie: ” Right there, the big white thing!”

Mr K: “WHAT big white thing?”

Magpie: *takes his head, turns it to the big white thing* “THAT big white thing. Now picture yourself sitting in it”

Mr K: ” Oh.. OH!!”

The last official update read “The home has just started its framing stage, which should take a few weeks then rough in for furnace will begin right after that.”

Trying to sell the house we are currently living in has been one of the most difficult things we have undertaken, keeping it spotless with two kids and Mike has proven to be a full time job. Literally. I can spend hours cleaning up before a showing and it’s not that we are really messy people.

It’s the living in the house that gets in the way. The eating, the laundry, reading books and playing with toys. The last thing I want to do is put undue stress on the kids and make them live in a bubble where they can’t take anything off their perfectly arranged shelves. Mike, however, now he can take the stress of me beaking at him to pick up his blasted Hugh Heffner housecoat that I find everywhere but hanging up.

Soon enough, I will be nagging him to pick up that housecoat in a new house.


It might get “lost” in the move.


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