Actually, we are around week three of the actual timeline, but only week two of my blogging about it.

Week two brings us a pile o' wood.



However, that pile of wood is our roof. According to my timeline, now we are waiting on the subdivision site manager's….something. The calendar isn't really that clear. Approval? Permission? Dance show?

Who knows. But after it's turned over to the SM (and if that's not site manager, please, tell me what that stands for) framing starts. They will build that wood into a roof, then raise it over the foundation while they build the walls, then place it on top.

There's my boy, standing on the neighbors driveway. Children are not allowed on construction sites, for very good reason. So he stands and looks from a distance at what's happening.

The adults? We get away with it by walking on the neighbors mud yard, which isn't our construction site. Soon, however, if we want to go inside, we have to get hard hats from the developer and can take a look whenever we want.

Speaking of neighbors, we have met the kids that live on that driveway on the left, a boy two years older than my son who was incredibly excited that we are moving in and proceeded to point out where every single kid near my son and daughters age live, which is almost every house.

Mr K is already planning on buying a trampoline and having his new best friend over.

This was a neat view, this lowered area is where we will come in from the garage and is my main floor laundry, a closet, a bathroom and the basement entrance.

This is one of my favorite parts of the house, all tucked away from the main floor, for boots and mess and all the joys of children.


I am excited, nervous, excited and more excited.

Hopefully we will see a roof next week!


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  1. MarcioWilges Reply

    After the big job of soil removal last week I’m glad to see some form taking shape! And a lot more people on the job this week around too huh! Still a little hard to see past the foundation and things right now, but things should really start moving faster now!

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