Project New House 2011: After Paint Walk-through

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Also known as The Walk-through That Mr Magpie Made It To.

What a slacker, leaves the wife to do all the hard work. Well, as I always say : what you don’t see the wife won’t know ’till the end!

Ok, I lied. I don’t always say that. But I sure am from now on! Mwhahahaa!

The house.

It surely is yellow.

It looks quite dark in places that don’t have that much natural light such as the front foyer- no natural light yet, a door with windows is on our list of to-buys- but it’s not overwhelming.

yellow painted walls of the house with white door

Places like the kitchen are better lit and the yellow looks far closer to the real color in these pictures.

the kitchen area with white cabinets and granite table top


My granite.

I went and lay my cheek onto the counter and hugged it. Really. I did. Right in front of the site super who took us on the tour.

It’s so smooth and cool and beautiful.

the kitchen top with black marble granite

My All Growed Up Room. The yellow in this picture is very true to life thanks to the large windows. I have a feeling this is going to be the last room furnished, as I want a piano, two couches and a lobster rug.

large vacant space and walls are painted with light yellow

A lobster whaaa? you say.

I say to you, yes, my dear readers, a lobster rug. If you are part of the shenanigans that take place on The Kitchen Magpie Facebook Page, then you already know how much I need this rug in my life. If you aren’t part of the shenanigans, what the heck are you waiting for?

It isn’t available in Canada, only in the States at Anthropologie.

I’m a gonna have to figure out that conundrum.

Mainly because this is only the second item that Mr Magpie and I have ever agreed on wholeheartedy together.

a large lobster rug.

The other object would be this painting from Ikea.

It took us over 6 months to pick this painting out.

So you see how important this dang lobster rug is. He fell in love with it instantly. I fell in love with it instantly.

And they won’t ship it to me. *shakes fist cursing*.

a wall painting above the fireplace

On past my nemesis/lobster love, another shot of the kitchen. The stove goes between those two counters on the far wall, the fridge the space to the right of the pantry. The cabinets actually don’t have glass in them yet either, something I didn’t realize from all my peeking in the windows.

a space in between the kitchen cabinets for the kitchen stove

One side of the bonus room upstairs.

another corner side in the kitchen area

Mr K’s room. This one is hard to get a good picture of.

space for the provision of a room

The Princess’s throne room.

another space with door for another room


counter tops with installed granite

Oh I was glad indeed to see that the counter tops matched the look of the granite.  I agonized over counter top samples, not wanting to spend thousands more on granite counter tops in the bathrooms. I just couldn’t do it.

I was also tickled pink that the one I chose was Formica. Who knew they still made it? And who knew it would be an upgrade? I had a good laugh over that while picking it out. Ahh, Formica. I love you.

But it has lovely little sparkly flecks that you can’t see from this picture, just like the granite does and matches much better than I thought it would.

two sink with granite counter tops

A view of the dining nook in which we noticed the light will need to be raised slightly above the table. Possibly, hard to tell until the table is in there to tell how it will look.

view of the dining area without any furniture yet

Other than a bathroom light downstairs that doesn’t fit- no way to lift the top off to change the bulb!- there was nothing major to fix yet. So much more needs to be done, tiling, floors, fixtures but as of tomorrow its only 5 weeks till possession! Meaning only 4 weeks until the big final walkthrough that shows us how to work all the gadgets and gizmos.

Eeek. Who wants to pack my house for me?


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  1. A Canadian Foodie says

    Love the granite; love the yellow; love the cabinetry; love the light in the entry and completely understand the hugging and the kissing of a slab of rock. It is all so bright and cheery and gorgeous!
    And – it IS such a pain when our men take an interest in our decor, isn’t it? Vanja is like that, too. If only I could pick out everything by myself like most of my other girlfriends!
    The carpet is GREAT!
    So excited for you!

  2. Kibs_01 says

    Hey I have a mailbox in the states that you could probably have it shipped to. I am going down September long weekend and I could pick it up for you and give it to your sister if you like

  3. Javanderploeg says

    You got that picture from Ikea? How long ago? I checked online & couldn’t find it in their current pictures. I just love that scene & the colors in it.

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