Planting Sweet Potatoes From Slips

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Three sweet potatoes Slips for planting

By no means am I a gardening expert, so if you are looking for someone with an emerald thumb, don’t be looking at this girl.

Rather than emerald, my thumb is brown with streaks of lime green running through it, a nice marbled effect.

However, if you are willing to learn along with me, read on, brave soul. Read on.

And maybe wear a helmet.

It’s best to be prepared for anything.

So. Sweet potatoes. We all know by know that I had a rogue sweet potato decide that my kitchen was the perfect sprouting climate.

Remember her?

Hey Seymour, where did you get this WEEEEEEEEEEIRD plant??

rogue sweet potato with sprouts

Name that ^ ^ movie and I’ll…um. Something. I got nothing here.

You’ll have my undying admiration?

My firstborn? No wait, he’s listening to me lately. My youngest?

Who actually was the one who forced me to plant these. She ripped the shoots right off the sweet potato and left them laying on the counter.

Sweet potato carnage.

So I was forced to come up with a fast solution, which worked.

Take the slips, after you break them off the potato and place them in a shallow cup of water for about a week.

Then you get crazy roots like this.

Out of control, crazy, I-need-dirt-roots.

Sweet potatoes slips with roots

So I took peat pots, filled them with planting soil and stuck those roots right in there.

peat pots with planting soil

And there they be!

three pots of potato plants

Very happy, very green sweet potato plants! Worked like a charm. I will peel the peat pot off when I plant them to let the roots go out as quickly as possible, but talk about easy!

And all you have to do to start is ignore a sweet potato for a few months.

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  1. Lori says

    Your little blog, has fast become MY FAVOURITE website. Holy schmooly Karlynn, this place is fantastic. Why do you not live on the Sunshine Coast with ME? (Well, not with me, but be my friend here?).

    You are truly amazing woman. Wowza.

    I aspire to do what you do at home!

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