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Pepper Success

There may only have been two of each color.

There may be only two large ones and two that seemed to have not grown as much.

The yellow were supposed to be an early variety, yet took all summer as well.


But gol’ dang it, I have successfully grown peppers this year.

Successful to the point that the red one is a fully ripened green pepper that I checked on almost every day, watching the red slowly seeping across the green, first mottling it a delightful orange then turning into that luscious red color.

It was not a hot summer in the slightest, so I am not sure if it was the heavy watering or the eggshells I dug into the soil that helped.

Next year I would like to try them in pots like Ron the Urban Gardener does, to help keep them hotter.

But I am happy with these.

There was no black coloring this year, decent growth on the peppers that started early in the year and they were so tasty it’s unbelievable.

But that might have just been the sweet, sweet taste of success.


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