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Patak’s Mango Chicken



When my newest package came in the mail from Patak’s I was very excited to see a jar of Mango Chicken sauce in there for me! I love mango chicken, but unfortunately Mike does not. That means when we go out, I have to order it to get my fix!

The other issue is that after being gone for five weeks over Christmas and eating at restaurants the entire time, we are trying to make everything at home. Oh, I know that I probably make more food at home than the average person, but we were tired of restaurants.

So keeping with my goals of cutting down on take-out visits that included the local place with my favorite mango chicken. So when my brother and his girlfriend came over for a Saturday night dinner (wanting curries, as it turned out) I knew that the jar of mango chicken was meant for me!

mangochickenI made the dessert – of course!- and appetizers from scratch, but as we all know I am not a curry from scratch kind of girl. When I am making an entire 3 or 4 course meal from scratch I do not want something complex for the main entree.

I made butter chicken and mango chicken, both from Patak’s sauces and I must admit, the mango chicken was a hit!

So even for me, someone who makes her living cooking and writing recipes, always eating at home can be a challenge! The sauces from Patak’s have seriously been a life saver for me when we are trying to eat at home more. When I spend the entire day baking up goodies, sometimes the last thing I feel like is making dinner. A girl can only take so much in-depth cooking in one day.

Have you made any resolutions for January like eating at home more? Not getting as much take out? I find we have to stop ourselves and take a look at our habits more than just the New Year’s resolution time, it’s more like every two months!




“Disclosure: I ampart of the Patak’s Canada Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and Ireceive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinionson this blog are my own.”



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    Amanda C. Rahn
    January 26, 2014 at 12:27 am

    I really like their sauces. Will have to try this one.

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