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Because food is the only thing on my mind today (let’s hear it for holidays!) I thought I would be a nerd and post what I am cooking up!

Breakfast is homemade Americano’s thanks to our handy espresso machine my dad re-gifted us, then when our bleary eyes open, perhaps a slice or two of Babka.

I’ve already had a couple pieces of the kids chocolate to go with my caffeine buzz and it’s working wonders for my disposition.


Then Easter lunch with my brother visiting is my Easy Eggs Benedict, to make up for the disappointment of my restaurant experience the other day. (Frimmy, there’s your link)

Tonight is a picnic ham, which I have never made before and I am going to try a butter/brown sugar/cloves/honey something glaze. Something. I’ll make it up when I get there.

With that will be my family’s traditional baked egg noodles and cheese. For which I have no recipe. My mother just said to use about 5-6 eggs with a roux/cheese sauce. This is how my family rolls, just throw the food together by memory.

Recipes are just in the molecular structure of our cells I guess.

Dessert….I have no idea. That would mean I had to plan ahead.

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful day of egg hunting, magic for children, chocolate, church for some, family for all and a great meal to celebrate it.


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