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Mom and two kids wearing their halloween costumes

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I'm still here, usually people start sending the police to knock on my door when I haven't been blogging for days at a time. That's the problem with being a prolific run-at-the-mouth kind of blogger: when you take a break, everyone panics.

Ok, well maybe not everyone, but my 5 readers sure get in a tizzy!

This time of year is crazy for all moms who have little ones in school, dances must be attended, costumes have to be bought or made, treats created and generally you are run off your feet.

And it's been that way around this house, but I am one sick puppy who thrives on it. There's something in my twisted make-up that loves the holiday rushing around, creating, baking, decorating panic-attack.

However, only on holidays. I can only take so much excitement two or three times a year. The rest of the time my chest gets tight with stress and I just want to curl in the fetal position and let someone else do it.

So first on the list of things to do, the dance, which was last Friday and the whole family attended.


Mom and two kids wearing their halloween costumes

Mom was in charge of decorating and much to the kids never ending delight, used our own lawn blow-ups to decorate the gym.


gym's stage all set for the event with sound system

Mom manned the door whilst her offspring partied like rock stars.


dark gym with red lights from the stage during the event

I ate sushi non-stop for 5 days in a row, must be the protein I needed to keep up the crazy pace.


And on that note, this recipe failed immensely.

Cut 130,576 bat and pumpkin shapes out of cheese for two class parties.

For anyone else who's crazy and does this, the huge blocks at Superstore work wonders, I got 5 shapes per slice! Woot! The leftovers scraps are going to be made into homemade mac n' cheese today.

a block of cheese for creating bat and pumpkin shaped cheese

I also stuffed 50+ treat bags for classmates, which I purposely do the very last minute because everything at Micheals get heavily discounted a couple days before Halloween. All this crafty Halloween stuff was 50% off, cheap and oh-so cute.

crafty Halloween stuffs on top of the table

Add in attending two class parties, a couple of evenings of work and a goodbye sendoff at said work today for a colleague.

Check, with a sad face for the colleague who's leaving.

I have totally earned a multitude of mini-chocolate bars this Sunday…I can't wait to steal my kids candy!

Happy Halloween everyone, enjoy the weekend! Especially all the rest of the crazy, run-off-their-feet moms who have also earned mini-chocolate bars!

Just think, Christmas is next!

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