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meat grinder attached to the mixer, cube sliced meat and a bowl on the table
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meat grinder attached to the mixer, cube sliced meat and a bowl on the table


That’s the only word to describe my newest attachment for my KitchenAid mixer.

Or maybe AWESOME.

Whichever word it is, I am eternally grateful to my Dad, who heard me muttering one day about making my own homemade burgers and how I needed the meat grinder attachment for my mixer.

Yes, that’s right. A man who hears and takes notice when a woman mutters about something. My mom has trained him for years though, so for you young attached ladies, it’s going to take you a while longer yet.It can happen!

So lo and behold, it went on sale last week for 50% off at the good ol’ Canadian Tire and thanks to my parents, I am the lovely owner of a KitchenAid Gourmet Specialty Attachment Pack.

It still should be on sale this week if anyone else is looking for it, the price is so right! Especially for me, the price was free.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

So I just could not wait to kick the tires and light the fires on that baby! And ironically, neither could my “vegetarian” son.

He was in there like a dirty shirt. He is going to be either an engineer or a mechanic, he has to either know how something works and get down n’ dirty right in there with the moving parts, or build it himself so he knows.

So you pre-chop up your meat into smaller cubes to fit.

I used two striploin steaks that I had in the freezer.

Yes, expensive.

ground beef coming out of the grinder attached to the mixer

But oh my lord people, look at the ground beef it makes! The striploins were perfectly marbled with enough fat that it wasn’t dry.

close up of the ground beef created by grinder attached to mixer

See? Just a little grease in the bottom of the pan when I fried it up.

grease in the bottom of the pan when the ground beef was fried

I was very impressed how easily the parts went together then came apart to wash. They wash up lickety-split and thank goodness. When using it for meat you sure have to clean the sucker out when you are done.

The words “cross contamination” come to mind, and not in a good way.

Is there ever a good way those two words come across though, really?

parts of the grinder attachments

I then used the ground steak to make the best dang Shepard’s Pie I have ever made.

You can tell the difference between the ground steak and the store bought ground beef completely.

Not that I ever liked ground beef other than in a good burger or hidden in a sauce, but this ground steak was moist, tender, not stringy and made what is usually considered a throw together, lower class o’ eating meal into something fantastic.

High falutin’ Shepard’s Pie. Whoda thunk?

serving of a shepard's pie in a plate

The set also includes :

  • slicer/shredder – 2 slicers, 2 shredder cones
  • Food Grinder – course and fine grinder blades
  • Pasta maker plates – 5 interchangeable plates for macaroni, flat noodles, lasagna and thick or thin spaghetti

I can’t wait to grind my own chicken breast for chili and make my own hamburgers from steak and cook them medium rare, baby!

And homemade whole wheat macaroni for the kids! That plus the other pasta set I received for Christmas has me ready for pasta making all winter long!

Ew. Sorry to bring up winter. What a downer I can be.

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  1. Karlynn says

    Kevin, you are crazy (in a good way). I’m already scaring my friends away as I descend into meat grinding madness, and now with this crazy talk of cutting my own meat?? Yikes.

    That’s the job for you MENFOLK 😉

  2. Kevin says

    Ah, a meat grinder, heh? One step closer to being dragged into my world of cutting your own meat. Just think – the cost savings would buy you many new attachments!!

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