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My Sunday Table: Not So Winner Winner Chicken Soup For Dinner


Let me start by saying no, I didn’t mix up the photos in this post. It was supposed to read Chicken Soup for Dinner, absolutely.

No, that’s not chicken soup in the picture above, it’s my Bourbon Bacon Jam chicken. 

Yes No, I haven’t lost my mind.

This Sunday Supper sums up my life with my two picky eaters. Yes, they are getting so much better but there are times when I still am making two meals, it seems.

I knew there was no way they would touch Burbon Bacon Jam chicken and in fact neither child is a fan of BBQ’d chicken.

So I had to make them Lipton’s Chicken noodle soup.

*hangs head in shame*

Yup. Winner winner chicken noodle soup for dinner. Sigh.

My daughter wouldn’t eat the potatoes because they had sour cream and dill on them so she literally had chicken soup and Brussel sprouts for dinner.

Yes. She eats Brussel sprouts. Just don’t ask why. I simply don’t understand it myself. She eats literally all the most hated vegetables on earth. Actually, there isn’t a vegetable that she won’t eat. Just don’t ask her to eat anything other than plain boiled chicken with it.

This picture sums up one of those tearing-my-hair-out meals at home so succinctly.

Beautiful food for the husband and I.

Terrible, terrible main meal for the kids.

Granted, meals are not always like this but you know me, gotta keep it real. It happens. In my kitchen.


Luckily the husband has some foresight (or he did something wrong, I can’t remember….) and had brought me some gorgeous flowers.

It’s pretty hard to be stressed when you have these beauties on the table.

Until you look at your kids slurping up their chicken noodle soup.

Look at the flowers, Karlynn….look at the flowers.


So here’s to all of us who’ve fed our kids chicken noodle soup in times of desperation.

Here’s to making more beautiful meals that our children won’t eat.

Here’s to not feeling guilty about just trying to make it through dinner.

And finally, here’s to lots of day drinking.




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    Yvonne Doctor
    May 4, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    Picky try pizza without sauce.

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