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My Other Family

My poor work girls.

Wondering where the pictures of the actual night out were.

Instead, I posted pictures of alcohol. You can tell where my priorities lie, can’t ya?

So let’s start with a picture of the absolutely amazing platter we all shared at Chianti’s the other night.


That luckily sopped up everything I drank at dinner.

It’s all about balance.

Alright, on to my second family, at least some of them. You asked for it ladies.

Cymantha and Anisa. More on them later.


Lynn. Ah Lynn, my partner in drinking crime. Lynn is a riot.

Now, I don’t have a clear picture of Lynn. They are all blurred.

I have a theory.

Either she was weaving and bobbing around too much thanks to the Corona…

…or I couldn’t hold the camera steady thanks to the fruity drinks I imbibed.

You decide.

Melissa. Whom I also have no clear picture of, other than her beautiful profile.

We love Melissa. She’s funny when she’s hungover. And we share the same great taste in books.

I also want her to marry my brother but her damn boyfriend keeps getting in the way.

Back to Cymantha. We love Cymantha because she is so happy.

All. The. Time.



Happy all the time.

When she swears, you end up on the floor laughing because it’s so uncharacteristic of her and happens only once every 6 months. I once hear her drop the F Bomb and I had tears in my eyes,  I laughed so hard.

Not like my sailor mouth.

Cymantha is a lady.

Laurel. Oh, Laurel and her dry, sharp wit that keeps us laughing.

Dr Laurel, one day, and a magnificent one she will be.

We also love her because she’s one of the few people crazy enough to work the midnight shift, something the ladies who are parents refuse to do.

My work wife, Anisa.

We’ve worked every second weekend,  Saturday and Sunday night together for over the past year. We’re like a comfy pair of shoes that fit perfectly.

She knows my favorite Timmy’s soup.

I know she’s crazy about tennis and soccer and love her enough to listen about it and nod and pretend I know what she’s talking about.

And she has a heart of gold to go with that beautiful face. But she’ll lay the smack down on you baby, watch out.

She once threatened to slap a harassment suit on me because I wouldn’t stop telling her how much I love her. (have I mentioned she’s going to be a famous human rights lawyer?)

Look, she goes to Timmy’s on her break for us. You’d love her too.

So we all headed off down Whyte ave to the studio, our walk heralded by a beautiful rainbow.

And a picture of the studio.

What happened at the studio, stays at the studio.

But I will say it was hilariously fun, absolutely a riot and a unique way to get out with the girls.

There are SO many other girls that didn’t come, so hopefully next outing I can introduce some more of my lovely ladies.



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    July 6, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    🙂 This puts a big smile on my face

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    June 27, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    Ha, I know what those poles are for in there. And I know that HAD to be a lot of super fun!

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