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My #CatelliFamilies Story – The Video!!


I’ve had such an amazing year working with Catelli sharing my family’s love of pasta and sharing great tasting pasta recipes for you all. My own#CatelliFamilies story is one that many of us face; my children are picky eaters. What a pleasure it was to come together with Chef Michael (who also has children that are selective eaters) and make a video to show how you can make one meal that makes everyone at the dinner table happy. Yes, even chefs and food writers have kids that won’t eat certain foods!



One Friday morning a few months ago, my house was sparkling clean, my children were ( happily) staying home from school and dressed with hair miraculously brushed…all waiting for the Catelli team to arrive! We spent a fabulous day filming the video in my house (you get a sneak peek at that Pyrex collection of mine!) and met some amazing people.

Chef Michael ( from Calgary, watch the full video here to learn more about him) came up with the easiest, most delicious Alfredo that you’ll ever taste! Parent’s of picky eaters rejoice!


Making the video was fun, but being able to see my kids in a Catelli’s video is priceless!

Not to mention it was good practice for me in case Hollywood comes knocking at my door. You never know.



The video above is just a snippet, if you want to see my house ( clean, for the first time ever) make sure to  check out the full video on Catelli here:

Definitely make sure to check out the Alfredo that Chef Michael made – it’s absolutely fabulous! The kids loved it and the smoked salmon for the adult version? You’re just going to have to try it for yourself!
The soon to be a movie star Karlynn


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    Jonnie Hartling
    December 14, 2016 at 12:46 am

    You and your home look fabulous on film! I never understood the full scope of your Pyrex collection until I caught a glimpse in the video. It’s huge!

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