My Bahama Island Bucket List on Exuma Island

Chat n’ Chill food store in the Bahamas beach

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The Exumas logo at Bahama Island

My fellow Canadians, let’s daydream for a while, shall we? The colder weather is upon us, I’ve sadly had to put away my flip-flops and we’ve turned on the furnace. That last one is the big one; as soon as the furnace has to be turned on I have to face reality that summer is long gone.

I’ve been asked if I could create a Bahamian Bucket List and if you know me at all, you know that this is totally my jam. There is nothing that I do better than create travel bucket lists! I have not yet been to The Bahamas, so this is a really fun post for me to write.

Let’s get bucket listing!

First, let’s talk about where Exuma Island is and how we are going to get there. Luckily there are non-stop flights to Nassau, Grand Bahama Island and Exuma from a lot of Canadian cities. If you are in Toronto, it’s only three hours away! Once you are in Nassau, The Bahamas world is your oyster as you have same day connections to a lot of other Bahamian islands.

The Islands of Bahamas Logo


Once I’m there, where am I going to go? This is where the bucket listing really comes in.

I’m going here. I want to be in that hammock right now, please and thank you. Can you feel it? The hot sun radiating around the little hut while you’re tucked into the shade. The hammock gently sways in the ocean breeze while you listen to the sounds of the ocean. Its nap time and it’s glorious.

I might have just cried a little bit, thinking about this nap.

Wax Cay Exuma Cays - little hut with hammock inside
Wax Cay Exuma Cays

After that glorious nap, when I’m full of energy, it’s tour time. I adore learning pretty much anything historical and there are all sorts of amazing things to learn on Exuma Island.  I’d travel over to the Rolletown Tombs, a location where a plantation overseer and his wife are buried.

blue signage pointing the Rolletown Tombs

Well, after all that historical touring, I think it’s time for the beach, how about you?

signage for Bahamas beach access

While I am at the beach, I’m going to grab some food and drinks at the Chat n’ Chill. If there is one thing I love, it’s tasting all the local food. There is a pig roast every Sunday, I think that is definitely going onto my bucket list! What delicious local culinary wonders await me in there, I wonder?

Chat n’ Chill food store in the Bahamas beach

After a solid night’s sleep – and I definitely would be sleeping in for a few hours – I’d head out on the ocean on a boat since Exuma Island is famous for its swimming pigs. If I’m really making a bucket list adventure here, the kids and Mike are most certainly coming along with me on this trip.

The pigs live on Major’s Spot Cay and are known for swimming out to meet boats, expecting you to feed them. No one is sure how they got there, but those pigs have been swimming out for food for years now. The kids would love this beyond measure, my daughter especially.

two pigs swimming in the beach

Last but not least, this girl would have her camera out constantly. There is nothing as wonderful as being presented with an amazing new place with fabulous adventures to photograph. While we would love swimming in the sapphire blue waters, I would love to take photographs upon photographs of my family having fun on these amazing beaches.  Oh, the photos I would share with all of you- that’s half the fun of going, taking you all along with me on my adventures!

aerial view of beach in the Islands of The Bahamas


So what would your Bahama Island Bucket List be? Are you a sit-on-the-beach-with-cocktails kind of tourist? Or are you the type that would hop into a kayak and take off to explore the coastline?

Learn more about all of The Islands of The Bahamas and make your own bucket list! – check out Travelzoo for some awesome deals and the hashtag #ItsBetterInTheBahamas on Twitter

Oh, this post just got the wanderlust in me going like crazy now. Just looking at all of those photos made my feet get all twitchy, I’m going to have to have a vacation soon!

Love you more than chocolate,




Although this post has been generously sponsored by The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, the opinions and language are my own.



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  1. Jay Meakin says

    Exuma sounds very relaxing. Swimming pigs eh? This place must be chill. Kauai is the only tropical place I’ve been, but the vibe is also chill. More than that, even sacred . These special places on our planet inspire me to make the most of time. Ever try surfing? Hanalei bay Kauai is the first place I tried it, and I’m completely hooked. Like your blog, will be trying the whipped shortbread with my 13 year old daughter . Merry Christmas from YYC !

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