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Me: “Let’s take some pictures, Princess, while Mr K is waiting to have his turn on the soccer field.”

The Princess: “Ok mama, lookit, lookit all the dandelions I found!”

Me: “Oooh, nice, now blow them allll over and tick the neighbors off.”


The Princess: ” Ok mom!”

Me: “Aw…so cute! So beautiful! So picturesque!”

The Princess: “Oooow! OW OW OW! MOOOOOM I gotta an dandelion in my eye! Mom! Ooowwww! Getitoutgetitoutgetitout!”

(whole soccer team turns and looks to see what the hell is going on)

Me: (shaking fist at the sky)  “You have GOT to be kidding. You just have to.”

A bottle of water, one flushed out eye, one soccer trophy, two exhausted kids, one sick husband who slept at home the whole time, it’s 9:30 at night and I am just done the baking for the teachers at school, I have no glass of cold wine in front of me and my kitchen is a disaster.

And worst of all, my dishwasher is on the fritz. (shakes fist at sky again).

However, I promised a positive post and it is, I am so exhausted that I find it all rather funny. I even took the pillow off Mike’s head and decided not to smother him due to my rage. Rather kind of me, considering.

I actually wasn’t sure his life insurance would cover “suffocated by wife in a fit of rage”.

I need to browse that policy again.

Tomorrow night I am having dinner with friends at a new restaurant and I cannot wait…and then Thursday night I am having dinner with girls from work.

And then… oh my..I don’t know if I am even allowed to say what we are doing after dinner, folks.

I cannot take pictures.

I am not allowed otherwise I would, please, this is me we are talking about.

My parents read this blog.

What happens at switchboard, stays at switchboard.

That’s all I’m saying for now.


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  1. What are you guys doing? Say Hi to all the ones that are still there from my time for me-don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (which is not a lot!) I want to hear all the sordid details!

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