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You are most likely wondering why there is a picture of a clock for this post.

Lemme ‘splain.

Sunday morning.


I had taken my Chocolate Cherry squares into work the previous day and all were devoured.

Deee-voured.People, you have NO IDEA how good those dang things are.

I know I say that a lot of things are good, and I wouldn’t post a recipe that I didn’t like. But those bars, dear readers, are the best thing I have ever made.

When I gave them to the girls at work, I kid you not, there were shouts of joy. Eyes rolled back in heads. Words like “dear God, these are good” were uttered.

And that was just Melissa.

Now, I might, MIGHT have mumbled something about bringing in something the next day, because I felt bad that there weren’t any squares left, blah blah blah.

I say a lot of things I don’t mean. I’m like that.


Sunday morning I am raring to go, it’s about 11 o’clock, I have time to whip up a lemon bundt cake that’s been on my mind lately.

Dump the butter and sugar into the mixer and get her going, then proceed to get my other ingredients.

Discover I have no flour.

*insert shaking my fist at the sky here*

Give up. Put it in the fridge and think the girls will live without a treat.

The phone rings at 12:40.

It’s Cymantha.

Remember this one? Mrs. Happy?

She’s calling me from work.

I think I should let management know about these personal calls that are going on.

Quite unacceptable.

This conversation ensues.

Cymantha :”Are you bringing something in??? We’re dying here.”

Karlynn: “Oh man, I started to make a cake, but I have no flour in the house, I am soo sorry!”

Cymantha: “But Melissa needs something…I need something!”

Karlynn: ” Ok, I get it, I suck. How about some Timmy’s? I can grab some Timbit’s on the way to work.”

Cymantha: ” Noooooo….we already had Timmy’s today. Twice”

Karlynn: ” Are you freaking serious? Twice? You’ve been at work 5 hours! How about a cake from Sobey’s? ”

Then, Cymantha laid the smack down.

Threw down the gauntlet.

Slapped me across the face with the proverbial glove.

Cymantha: You have a damn food blog Karlynn, how can you run out of flour in your house!”

Oh. Well. How’s that for a verbal spanking? By Mrs Happy, nonetheless.

I’ve been told.

And since I am never one to resist a good challenge, I promptly searched high and low for inspiration. FAST inspiration. I worked at 2. Had to leave at 1:15 at the latest.

It was about 12:50.

And because I have a food blog, I do have reserves. Or because I bake all the time.

Et voila. Butter tarts.

More than they deserved, I tell you.

I walk into work and I hear from Melissa:

“See? I TOLD you she would bring something”.

I was totally played.

And the clock is the time that I managed to bake these suckers up by. Two minutes to spare.

I’ve created monsters.


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  1. Those cherry chocolate squares are probably one of the best treats I have ever tried. AMAZING!

    Those buttertarts took me from sappy to spectacular on Sunday. It was so awesome you brought them in.

    Now the big question…what are you bringing in tomorrow night?


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