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Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…

Now that the Sound of Music is in your head, we can get on to starting my posts about our wonderful trip to Christina Lake, British Columbia.

We were gone all last week to the lake and stayed with friends of ours who happen to own a lovely campground out there.

But before we get to all that, we’ll start with the trip out.

Starting with food, of course.


Now let me set the record straight. For years I have maligned the Donut Mill in Red Deer. Mike and I tried the donuts about ten years ago, and whatever I had wasn’t very good at all. So I haven’t been there in a decade most likely.

But recently at work, while we were dreaming about all sorts of food, as women are wont to do when they are together in a room, someone mentioned how great the donuts were.

So we stopped on the way to Calgary.

Sometimes I like to be wrong. Especially when it comes to discovering something so tasty.

This, my friends, is the Rolo donut at the Donut Mill.

My hips wish that I had never discovered it.

Filled to the flippin’ brim with a caramel whipped filling, then topped with hardened swirled caramel and chocolate.

We also tried the lemon filled (amazing) sprinkles (they are sprinkles, not much to expand on there) and the coconut covered one (a must for coconut lovers.)

We then stayed the night at my parents and my daughter and I proceeded to chase this bird.

Any ideas what it is? Anyone?

Then the next morning we took off on our adventure.

Sometimes I take for granted what a beautiful province we live in. It’s hard to remember when you are living in the city the beauty that lies only a few hours away.

Or the wildlife that can be found.

And the Timmy’s with a mountain view. It’s enough to bring tears to a coffee lover’s eyes.

God Bless this great country of ours.

And then we hit BC like a bunch of tourists.

More to come in the great summer adventure of 2010!


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