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Lego Advent Calendars Days 16-20

Gah, I’m embarrassed to even post this, I would rather people forgot that I even do the Advent Calender.  Holy. Slacker. Batman. There’s just so much going on, and so many other things to post on this site! I don’t have all day, a ghost writer, a chef, a personal assistant or a housekeeper. It’s simply not possible for a normal human mom to write more than one or two posts a day, and even those take me far too long.

A few things:

– I thought with the kids both in school all day, I would get more done. Indeed, I simply just take on more and get even less accomplished. I really need to figure out why I do that. Perpetually.

– I *think* my Christmas grocery shopping is done. I have double and triple checked my list and the only thing remaining is green beans for my green bean casserole. The green beans were gross looking today. I even have batteries in various sizes for the Christmas toys. Watch out world, I’m being productive.

– I’ve been done my actual gift shopping for days now and they are wrapped and under the tree. Before you think I am amazing, I’ll tell you that I started shopping in late November. And just finished this week.

– I have my Menu set for Christmas and I am so excited to whip everything up. I have a few things that are made ahead of time on Christmas Eve and those are going to be life and time savers.

– I have two school fundraisers and putting together raffle baskets for our Christmas concert behind me.  I am so, so thankful this is done. In answer to my first point, this is taking up some of that time, co-chairing the fundraising position for the school.  Someone needs to do it and let me drop a hint here, this Magpie has some amazing things in the works for the school fundraiser in the spring. Details coming soon, but watch out Edmonton food scene, it’s going to rock your socks!

– I love this time of year. Even though I am busy, I love the music, the decorations, the food , the love and my family. I can’t wait to catch up with old friends this Christmas break!

– I keep wishing every person I talk to a Merry Christmas. That was about 3 workers in Superstore alone this morning. I love the smiles I get.  Do it. You’ll love it too.

And on that note,

Merry Christmas, my lovely readers. You all keep me sane. Your comments, your tweets, your facebooking, all of it, keeps me sane knowing that you are all suffering too. enjoying this time of year as well.


It’s Wine Time Magpie



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