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Lego Advent Calendars 2011-Day 9

We may have called this guy “The Arctic Explorer” but every time I look at him, I think “serial killer!”. I can’t help it. Maybe it’s because he came with two axes and not just one. What Arctic Adventurer needs TWO axes?

A bloodthirsty killer one, that’s who.

Day 9 brought the serial killer and a rebel X-wing. I think it’s an X-wing, I could Google it but I just don’t care enough to open another browser window and type the search in. You can correct me below via comment if I am wrong.


Lazy, lazy Magpie. Can’t even get her Star Wars info right.


And today brought pie. Dark chocolate rum pecan pie, to be exact. Not so sure what I think of it yet, looks ok baked up (the picture is before baking) but the taste test will be tomorrow at the Great Pie Party.

And this is yet another short yet sweet post. I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday, we are going to settle the kids in bed then watch some Castle. Love me some Nathan Fillion, no matter what he’s in!


The I Miss Firefly Magpie


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