Lego Advent Calendars 2011- Day 2

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close up of an angry lego character

Day 2 of the Advent calendar brings no sleep, sick children, a house that needs cleaning and no groceries.

What? You wanted to hear about toys? You’ll have to make do with the pictures, I’m far too busy whining.

Yesterday looked promising, the kids were in school 4 days in a row, their colds seems to have been on the mend, I was set for a full night’s sleep for the first time since Sunday and we had actually ventured out of the house as a family, everyone healthy and happy, albeit not quite rested, for the first time this week as well. We saw Santa, bought our Christmas cards and generally had a nice time out.

Then it was time for bed.,

The kids went to sleep just fine.

Mike went to bed just fine.

I stared at the TV watching Storage Wars until 11:00.

Mr K wandered out of his room, came over to me, lay his head on my lap and promptly fell asleep. I took a picture and put it up on Instagram to entertain myself.

little boy sleeping

I tried to go to sleep 30 minutes later, gingerly easing my boy off my lap and tucking him in on the couch.

Stared at the ceiling until about midnight. Cursed Norwalk and the casino night for screwing with my sleep schedule.Dozed off sometime after.

Woke up to a little boy crying in the bonus room so went over to see what was wrong around 2 am.

Listen to said little boy explain that “the spells went wrong! The spells!” and then wander over to the tv box telling me that we need “more board games mom, let’s play more board games!” then burst into tears telling me his ear hurt. The opposite ear that he has a small infection in, mind you, that we had just verified at the doctors a mere 8 hours earlier. Wondered if he was sleep-talking/walking which is he wont to do.

Feel his forehead- singe my hand- and promptly feed him some Advil. Snuggled him on the couch that he didn’t want to leave until he feel asleep. Figured fever+exhaustion= crazy sleepwalking and sleeptalking about playing Harry Potter Years 5-7 and the trip to the mall where we looked at board games.

Wake up one more time around 3 am to console 8-year-old who still won’t leave the couch.

Get woken up by husband who thinks 6:30 am is a good time to ask if I am keeping sick kids at home today.

Get mad at husband.

Daughter wakes up.

Beg her to go back to sleep.

End up staying awake thanks to sniffly, hacky daughter.

Stay mad at husband.

Go downstairs to kitchen where there is no cream for my coffee. Blame this on husband because it feels right at the moment.

Wake up enough to bake bran muffins.

Leave baking soda out of bran muffins, most likely when I feel asleep standing up and woke to the mixer going for some reason.

Just curse, CURSE I tell you, loudly in my head. You’d stop reading my stuff if you knew what was in my head at that moment.

Text husband at work and tell him it’s all his fault I FUBAR’d the muffins.

Hug my kids when they tell me that the taste is the only thing that matters, not if they are fluffy.

Throw out the muffins behind their backs because those beautiful hearted children were completely wrong. Gack.

close up of a monster lego

Feed the kids Cheerios.

Write a few posts that I am sure will embarrass me with the bad grammar and spelling when I fully wake up.

Call husband and tell him all is forgiven since he’s going to get groceries for me this weekend and we’re ordering out tonight. Anything. As long as I don’t have to think to make it. We’d end up eating cleaning products if I dare go near the kitchen this time.

Plan on a movie and snuggles this afternoon.

And NO baking.


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  1. Blackbird says

    Bless your heart, trying to make muffins while sleep-deprived after a rotten past few days. I banned myself from driving when I was sick, seeing how I was putting the milk into the cupboard instead of the fridge, and called Jr’s teacher Miss Krupp (which made us both immediately burst into laughter). My head was just not right.

    Yeah, yeah. More than usual.

    Hope the kiddos are feeling better soon. ‘Tis the season to feel yucky, tra la la la la.

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