Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes

Collage of Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes
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Collage of Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes

It’s now officially four full days of eating candy after Halloween.

The gloss and glitz is over, folks. This is about the time where we are just about sick to death of mini candied everything, so very tired of picking up little candy wrappers all over our house (can’t just be my house, right?? Tell me it ain’t so) and we are ready to throw that candy out.

Well, let me give you a hand with how to use up the rest of your candy. I pulled a bunch of recipes from my archives that are my favorites. All of them use one candy or another and most of them are perfect for any substitutions you may want to make!

Let’s start with my Peanut Butter M&M cookies.  The batter is plain, so you can throw just about anything you want in them. These cookies are very puffy, so these are the cookies for you puffy cookie lovers!

Stack of Colorful Peanut Butter M&M cookies

Let’s pretend that you have some peanut butter cups left four days after Halloween,shall we? I actually have a ton, as Coffee Crisps are my first choice when I dip into the treat bag.

So if you have some PB cups, bake those babies into a chocolate chip cookie. This batter has been adapted to perfectly bake around a PB cup.

Stack of Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you are looking to use some chocolate bars, you can do the same thing here! You can choose to leave out the chocolate chips or keep them in. This recipe has step by step instructions on how to wrap chocolate bars in cookie dough and bake them up!

baked chocolate bars wrapped in cookie dough

The most popular cake on my website, the Willy Wonka cake. KitKat cakes have been around in various forms for years but this one is my favorite. You can use whatever candy you want in this cake! Take it to the office to get rid of it, they’ll love you for it!

Willy Wonka cake or Kitkat cake topped with colorful candies

My favorite cookie in the whole wide world, my Reece’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cookies. Use up Reece’s Pieces and all sorts of nut filled M&M’s. Almond, peanut, they are all fine. Anything with nuts in it would go well in these cookies!

Stack of Reece's Pieces Peanut Butter Cookies

Yet another way to bake Halloween candy into cookies! These are a lovely oatmeal cookie this time and you can use up to two cups of Halloween leftovers in these! These make a fabulous giant cookie!

Stack of Baked Halloween candy into cookies in a plate with colorful M&M

My famous Halloween Candy Leftovers Pie! People still talk about this pie. Everyone has a hard time believing that I actually thought of melting everything together and making it into a pie shape. With my sweet tooth, nothing is impossible!

a slice of Halloween candy leftover pie

My M&M Brownie trifle. This trifle, unlike my newest one, uses chocolate mousse between the layers instead of pudding. You can use all sorts of M&M’s and chocolate pieces in the layers!

M&M Brownie trifle in trifle bowl

Go stuff yourself. With a giant skillet cookie that’s also stuffed with Mars bars. Don’t let the “Mars Bars” part stifle your imagination however, because any chocolate bar will do here folks! Have fun with this one! Take it as a hostess gift the next time you go somewhere.

a slice of giant skillet cookie stuffed with Mars bars in a white small plate

Speaking of Mars Bars, oh, classic Mars Bars squares are seriously the best thing ever! If you are lucky enough to have enough small-sized ones to add up to a few large ones, you should be making this NOW.

a piece of classic Mars Bars squares

There you have it everyone! If you can’t find something you like here, then I give up. Your teeth can’t be sweet enough!

So does anyone else have piles upon piles of candy left? The neighbors were crazy generous this year. We have so much candy left! Everyone knows by now that the kids are only allowed to pick one small container of their favorites then the rest gets donated. This year however, I am picking out what I can use for baking (smart money-saving skills, I tell you) and then the rest is going.

If you DO want to donate, check out your local shelters, most adult shelters are more than happy to take the candy off your hands!

Happy Baking everyone!



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