Today’s pie is made entirely out of leftover Halloween candy.

As much as Mike has taken great pleasure in the fact that I apparently seemed to magically whip this pie up in a span of 4 minutes, the idea has been in the back of my grey matter for quite some time now.

The original idea was to melt large chocolate bars together in perhaps a loaf pan and slice accordingly. So when presented with the fact that it was Thursday night, I was in the middle of folding laundry and Mike saunters up to casually remind me that I have no pie for tomorrow, I knew that it was time to take that idea and just make it into a darn pie.

Now, I know that I am late with this week’s pie recipe.It should have been out last night and indeed, I made this on Thursday. I plead guilty to not getting it done. Yesterday was my day of three Edmonton food events which had my day looking like this:

1) Up at 6 (yuck) getting ready, getting the kids out the door early since the roads were snowy.

2) Drop kids at school.

3) Head into downtown Edmonton to judge the chili contest

4) Run home and let out Root Beer

5) Change into more comfortable shoes and then raced back downtown to the Rocky Mountain Food & Wine Festival.

6) Run to kids school and pick them up from the after school care. Which thrills them, since they go about 3 times a year. Crazy kids.

7) Drive in rush hour to get home to the south end, don’t even take off boots and jacket, tell babysitter what the scoop is, threaten kids to behave and take off again.

8) End up at the VIP dinner for Creole Envie’s new location and enjoy wine, good food and the same company I saw all day. Truly. I saw some people 2 or 3 times at all three food events. Edmonton food peeps, they get around, let me tell you.

I think you can see that there was no picture-taking of pie involved in my day yesterday.

So this morning I cut a piece, took my pictures and wrote this up. I’m sure that everyone still has leftover Halloween candy and this is one delicious way to use it up!


Ingredients Needed:

3 cups of chopped mini chocolate bars, at least half pure chocolate (Hersheys, etc)
1 cup of assorted Smarties, Reese’s Pieces, M&M’s, etc.
9 inch shallow pie dish, slightly sprayed with cooking spray

Using the microwave, melt the 3 cups of chocolate bars slowly. I will point out that the chocolate used in these bars in infinitely inferior to baking chocolate, so you cannot expect the smooth melt that you get from a good quality chocolate. You are going to have to go very slowly as to not overheat the chocolate.

Start with a 30 second interval, then stir and see how it is. I like to use a glass Pyrex cup and use the heat of the glass that builds up to help me melt the chocolate. You do not want to get this cheap chocolate too hot!!

Once you reach the point where it’s all melted, quickly stir in the cup of assorted Smarties/Reese’s Pieces. The chocolate should only have been warm, not hot, so these should not melt.

Again moving quickly so that the chocolate doesn’t harden – cheap chocolate here remember- press the chocolate into the pie plate.

Refrigerate until set.

Now what I would do with this pie is to chop it up into small triangles and individually wrap and freeze them for those sweet tooth midnight cravings.

This is rich. Oh, so rich. I wouldn’t make the slices this big but for picture purposes, I wanted to show what it looks like.

So Happy Belated Pie day everyone! Enjoy your weekend!


The Suffering From An Edmonton Food Hangover This Morning Magpie


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  1. ACanadianFoodie Reply

    Oh – sure! The rest of the pie was probably gone and this was the only piece left for picture taking! Great idea! Another friend of mine uses the milk chocolate to make Christmas baking! But, you are the pie queen and this was pie day and that was a GREAT pie idea. No excuse to be late, either. (Ba-ha-ha)


    • thekitchenmagpie Reply

       ACanadianFoodie Oh man, did you see what I ATE yesterday? There is SO MUCH PIE LEFT LOL!!! I could barely look at it this morning to take a picture. I think I’m off chocolate for a while now…. Ok. Maybe a day or two. But I think I don’t need to eat for a week after what I ate yesterday.

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