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Last of the Garden

That’s it, that’s all, this gardening girl done for the season folks. Just about time to retire the garden category and start posting more house things.

Like, I dunno. Christmas stuff? Yah, that’ll work, I’ll just fill the void of gardening with household yammer.

Lucky. You.


Mebbe I’ll get all crafty this winter in my spare time. Stranger things have happened.

And…I digress.

The parsnips are in, cleaned and eaten. I left them in for a rather long time and just rescued them last week-good thing as I look out my window and see snow- and that was the last of the garden.

I decided I rather like fall vegetables and have developed an affinity for them since they let me be forgetful and somewhat lazy at the end of the growing season.

It was one last, appreciated good taste from my garden. Now it’s time to hunker down, bake endless amounts of goodies and hibernate until the spring.


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