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I’m not gonna lie, I might just be having a panic attack this morning. Someone pass me a paper bag to breathe into and everything will be ok.

In all honesty while I’m not having a real panic attack (those are usually solely reserved for when I have to fly) I did have one of those random sit up in bed and gasp for air moments in the middle of the night last night. I can’t even remember what I was dreaming about, but it had to do with the trip and with Pyrex. Maybe I had a dream that someone got to a piece of Pyrex at the thrift store in France (do they have thrift stores in Paris?) before I did. That’s what I get for surfing Ebay last night looking for Pyrex pieces while planning the last few details of our trip. Gotta love it when the anxiety courses through your veins at 3 am. (insert eye roll here)

This is my reading room at this very moment this morning.

This actually makes me feel happy. We’ve been packing/unpacking for almost two weeks now, narrowing everything down to ONE suitcase per person. I’m feeling pretty awesome about the fact that the kids can finally handle their own suitcases for the most part. We’ll have to lift them but other than that, those twerps are pulling their own weight, literally, when it comes to our trip.

reading room with travel stuffs

This is homeschooling this morning.

kids on long table with their laptop

We have a “hard stop” on the oh-so pleasant homeschooling this morning at 11 am. We have to get all the last finishing touches done on the house and packing. My family will be staying at our house while we are gone so they can visit with my brother and sister in law the new baby so I’ve been cleaning like a mad woman. Bedding, bathrooms, vaccumming , all the stuff that I literally wouldn’t give two hoots about are now on the TO DO list. It’s ok, though, because I’m happy that we have quasi house sitters while we are gone.

The panic is coming from the fact that we are going to be nomads for ten weeks. Phoenix was easy, my mom and dad were already there and we just packed up and moved to another house for three months.

This however is a whole new adventure.

We’re driving from Edmonton to Toronto.

We’re taking a bullet train from New York to Florida.

We’ve booked our cruise to England from Port Canaveral.

We’ve bought and printed out train tickets from European city to city. Mike’s cemented the dates he’s visiting all his clients in each city.

We’ve booked hotels, used HomeAway to rent an apartment in Paris. I just realized while writing this that we still don’t have anywhere booked to stay in Karlsruhe, Germany for two nights. I just booked Amsterdam the other night.

It’s such a long time, you guys. I looked at Mike last night and told him that it really hit me. Holy Dinah, we are nomads for at least ten weeks. We have our suitcases, our laptops, the kids and we are gone.

You’d think with the amount we travel that I wouldn’t be panicking, but whew, you guys, this is crazy. We’re crazy. I’m crazy.

It’s going to be amazing, frantic, tiring, epic, overwhelming. I have no idea how we are really going to get any homeschooling done. We are packing up their laptops and most important textbooks and hoping for the best.

I will have recipes for you, ones that I have been making at home these past three weeks while packing and getting ready but most of my posts the next three months will be full of travel. I can most likely promise around one recipe a week, a few podcasts that Phil and I worked on and tons of travel.

So pack your bags, we are going on a trip again!

Love you more than travel,


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  1. Corinna15 says

    I am jealous, even though it sounds like a lot of work, all the planning…craziness!! Have fun!

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