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kid's face with butterfly paint

Accompanied by not only a beautiful butterfly but one smirking red dinosaur, we set off last Saturday morning to attend the first ever member’s pancake breakfast at Jurassic Park.

Ok, well perhaps the face painting took place after we got there. Please, like I am that talented.

kid's face with an alligator paint

First thing on the agenda, breakfast! Pancakes with sausage and some juice.

Dad with the kids preparing the pancakes with sausage and some juice for breakfast

My daughter wolfed down her chow and then proceeded to head straight over to the small petting zoo they had set up there as well.

little girl walking in the wooden path

Where there are animals, there is my daughter. Always. This would be her nirvana, right here in this picture below.

Animals that cannot run away from her “love”.

Remember Elmira from Looney Toons? That’s my girl. Minus the gut-squishing animal hugs because we are really trying hard to work on that.

But she will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and hold him and call him George.

goats in the small petting zoo

Ah, the transformation into a beautiful butterfly.

The animals still knew and ran away when she went back for a second round in the petting zoo.

They smelled their own fear on her from the last time.

painting the little girl's face

Then my son, who likes animals well enough. Well enough for a boy, that is. Still haven’t figured out why girls get so animal crazy and boys are just kinda meh about the whole thing.

*pat*  *pat*

“Nice pony mom, can I have some more pancakes?”

little boy touching the pony

Oh, yah, and there were dinosaurs somewhere.

But really, it was a nice morning, it was early which is perfect for me since I work Saturday evenings. It was something out of the usual and I am happy that for this year we bought the pass to the park.

My son got a sparkly dragon tattoo, a lovely dino on his face, a belly full of pancakes and sausage and a crisp fall morning walk looking at animatronic dinosaurs.

My daughter was turned into a beautiful butterfly, had more than one opportunity to irreparably scar all the petting zoo animals, a belly full or pancakes and sausage and a crisp fall morning walk looking at animatronic dinosaurs while she whined about going back to the petting zoo.

Does a Saturday morning ever get better?

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