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I took a peek at my sweet potato again today, and was shocked to see a flippin’  tree growing out of it. And to think it has been OUT of the sun’s rays. So now I have put it on the buffet in the direct sunlight and will see if I can really get it going.

I don’t think it’s a sweet potato vine, I didn’t think the tubers grown from the vine varieties were commercial fare for people, are they?

And I think if I really want to grow them,  I have to gently twist the slips off, cover them in wet paper towel and start some roots growing. Still that space issue though, where the devil to plant sweet potatoes?

And I also have started my seed shopping, take a wild guess which ones my son picked out. He was so excited to see watermelon I didn’t have the heart to tell him that we probably won’t get any melons.


But my mind has been concocting how perhaps I can grow watermelon..the flowerbed by my north fence gets extremely hot in the summer due to the sun reflecting off the wood…and if I start them early enough they might stand a chance.  (they need 100 days, whew, 100 days in MY climate? Not happening from a seed in the ground)

You can tell they are marketing to kids, with the Pumpkin Spookie, Cucumber Green Dragon and the Watermelon Moon and Stars package being all cartoonish, but that isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. I would rather see seeds and gardening material marketed towards kids than a LOT of other things.

And I think I will start some asparagus this year and establish an area for it. I won’t have any to harvest for a couple of years, but the earlier I start the better.


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  1. You can also just cut a bit of the sweet potato with the sprout growing out of it, and plant it in dirt right now. It has worked for me a couple of times – they make nice little houseplants, if they get enough light, water and nutritious soil.

  2. Asparagus take a couple years to harvest? I had no idea. Thanks for that info!

    I love the cartoony (is that a word?) seeds myself. I always feel like a kid when I’m looking at them dreaming of my future garden.

    I can’t wait to see how your sweet potatoes grow!

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