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Whether it’s live cooking demonstrations from professional and world-renowned chefs, road trips following food enthusiasts to America’s best dining destinations or reality TV cooking competitions, the popularity of food shows has increased significantly in recent years. Watching food shows, be they on web services like Hulu or TV services like, affords inspiration for experienced chefs and casual foodies alike.

Inspiration for recipes

Cooking shows put you right in the kitchen with professional and celebrity chefs who are known for unique dishes. Following cooking shows on TV is a great way to get ideas for your next culinary pursuit. Cooking shows also feature more visual instructions than are available in a written recipe, so you’re less likely to botch a dish because of vague directions.

Inspiration for combinations

Spaghetti and meatballs. Steak and potatoes. Salmon and asparagus.  These combinations, while effective and delicious, are almost cliché. Food TV shows give you the inspiration to try more daring combinations. Chopped on Food Network is known for making contestants create interesting dishes with combinations of seemingly incompatible items. And travel shows feature restaurants that develop their own signature combinations.

Inspiration for cooking techniques and concepts

Is there a way you can make that cake you love to bake a little more moist? Is there a better way to cook small shrimp on a flaming hot grill? Food shows often present unique techniques and cooking concepts you can try in your next kitchen adventure.

Inspiration for dining destinations

Last but not least, cooking shows like Diners, Drive-ins and Dives give you ideas for where to eat next time you’re in a particular part of the country. You may not realize how many great dining destinations are available throughout the U.S. – many within driving distance of your home or where you vacation every summer. The popularity of road trip food shows means you don’t ever have to miss out on a great restaurant in your vicinity again.

Food shows are available on myriad channels these days. They offer plenty of inspiration to develop, refine and explore your culinary approaches and dining options. Check your local listings and get to watching.

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  1. Em says

    The number of cooking programmes on TV is rising in England too! Although we seem to eat microwave meals in front of the tv whilst watching them which is slightly ironic

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