Please please please! I have already asked a few of you this morning, so ignore this post. But for those of you I didn't hunt down online this morning:

do you have any leaves for me? Dead or alive? Trimming any of your trees and I can let the leaves dry out?

My sister gave me a beautiful new composter which has been on my wishlist forever, but it needs a good base of leave to get the levels right for the composting to start.


Leaves form the right balance for a fantastic compost.

Since I am in a new neighborhood, I have nothing! No leaves to be found and I won't be tearing them off trees.


I'm getting desperate people, help me out. It takes two months to get good compost so by the end of summer I can feed the beds for winter and start a new one for spring if I can get leaves.


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  1. Have you found any yet? Mom gave me a newspaper article that she cut out today that said that shredded newspapers (they recommended 2 New York Times, so maybe 3-4 weekend journals?)can supply the compost with the carbon it needs just as well as leaves do. I’m having the same issue here, so I’m going to start adding newspaper to the bin this week.

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