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I Love…

I love…

…the daisy that is blooming in the front, even though it has a mere one bloom….

..the amazing peony that finally bloomed in the front, even though it has no delicious peony scent…..


..the lilac that is beside the front door, even though it’s not a variety I am a fan of usually….

…this gorgeous, petite royal blue flower at the back parking pad where I threw all those wild seeds last year, even though I have no idea of it’s name…..

….that I am getting better with my photography even though I am far from experienced….

…that my aquilegia finally bloomed, even though it’s a boring white….

…the heavenly scent of this unknown plant, also another wild seed even though it’s kind of raggedy looking…

…I love that I have an amazing day planned tomorrow, a fun bbq with friends at my daughter’s preschool that my son is “skipping” school to come to, some brief relaxing with the kids at home in the afternoon, then another evening with my lovely girls at work which always involves some Timmies and gossip, leading into a weekend of work and play combined.

Have a lovely weekend everyone <3


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