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I Have a Shopping Problem

I could easily become one of those crazy coupon people on that TV show I haven’t watched yet but fully intend to. I could dive into dumpsters for coupons, stay up late formulating how to get the best know the drill.

I love shopping, I really do. Excepting shoe shopping for myself, which is another post entirely, let me tell you. Anyone who knows me well refuses to take me shoe shopping.

It’s ugly. And bad. And sad. You never want to shoe shop with me.


Shoe shopping aside, I truly have this deep seated lust for deals and steals. I have spent years trying to train myself to walk on by, you don’t need it. And I actually can say that 95% of the time, it works like a charm.

But sometimes I just cannot do it.

The clearance section at Ye Olde Superstore in the natural/organic beauty section gets me every single time. Those products are so expensive yet we prefer to use them, so I have to scope out the deals every single time I am in that store.

Yes, you really do see 19 lip balms below. One is missing and in my daughters possession at this very moment.

The clearance section strikes again.

I couldn’t not NOT  (was that a triple negative? I’m confused) pick up a good years supply of lip balms for 99 cents apiece, regular $3.50. There was no way I was passing these babies up, I am a lip balm addict and this is my fix.

I was incredibly happy that they are so mild I can give them to the kids without worry, there’s no SPF  and after checking the ingredients they appear to have a nice low rating on my EWG bible.

I also won’t cry when they lose them, at a buck each.

However, it’s yet another thing Mr Magpie’s going to have a gay old time teasing me about. I told him at lunch and have already been given the gears a few times. I think I will be hearing about this one for a month or so, but just you wait until he runs out of lip balm and comes begging for some of mine. Ha!

So my dear friends, you are not alone if you can’t walk by a clearance section. If you secretly worry that you shop too much. If you love that thrill that getting a good deal gives you.

I am right there with you, every shopping step of the way.

Happy shopping Wednesday everyone!


The soon-to-be-featured-on-Hoarders  Kitchen Magpie



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    Tawnya Rigsby Cossa
    June 15, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    teehee a future hoarders episode… that’s funny! i’m right there with ya Missy Magpie! thanks for the chuckles (and similarities!) Tootles, TJ

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