The Arnold Palmer Drink is an incredibly popular non-alcoholic drink made with lemonade and iced tea, made popular by of course, the golfer Arnold Palmer. Believe me when I say that the combination of the two work together really well!

How to Make an Arnold Palmer Drink

Making an Arnold Palmer Drink is as easy as one, two, three.

  • Get 5 ounces of lemonade
  • Get 5 ounces of iced tea
  • Combine the two together in a glass and add ice

That’s it!

Arnold Palmer Drink Tips & Tricks

  • You can make this a low calorie drink to enjoy by using low calorie iced tea and lemonade!
  • You can also make this no sugar by using no sugar lemonade and iced tea.
  • Be crazy and add raspberry iced tea or strawberry lemonade for a totally different taste! The world is your oyster when it comes to the different combinations you can make.

It’s not even really a recipe, but there are people who don’t know what an Arnold Palmer drink is, so this is for you! It’s a really refreshing drink during the summer, but an Arnold Palmer mocktail is perfect for kids and people who don’t drink alcohol all year round. The taste combination works really well ( let’s face it, it works surprisingly well, who would think that iced tea and lemonade mixed together were a great drink?).

This is one of the kids favourite drinks and when you have pre-made lemonade and iced tea it’s the simplest treat ever.

Happy  mocktailing!



The Arnold Palmer Drink is a mocktail (non-alcoholic drink) made from combining equal amounts of iced tea and lemonade. It's an American classic! #mocktail #drink #lemonade #icedtea #arnoldpalmer #nonalcoholic

The Arnold Palmer Drink
Prep Time
2 mins
Total Time
2 mins

The Arnold Palmer Drink is a mocktail (non-alcoholic drink) made from combining equal amounts of iced tea and lemonade. It's an American classic!

Course: Mocktail
Cuisine: American
Keyword: arnold palmer drink
Servings: 1
Calories: 127 kcal
Author: Mr. Kitchen Magpie
  • 5 ounces lemonade
  • 5 ounces iced tea
  • ice cubes
  1. Combine the iced tea and lemonade together in a glass. Add ice cubes to fill. Enjoy!

Recipe Notes

 The taste results will differ depending on the types and brands of iced tea and lemonade you use.


Nutrition Facts
The Arnold Palmer Drink
Amount Per Serving
Calories 127
% Daily Value*
Sodium 14mg 1%
Total Carbohydrates 31g 10%
Sugars 30g
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.




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