How To Cook A Christmas Turkey – Arizona Style

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When one is visiting their Grandparents in Phoenix right before Christmas and making a Christmas turkey to enjoy since you won’t see them on Christmas Day, a few things must be done.

1. You buy a oil-less deep fryer for your Papa so you can cook the turkey outside. There ain’t no cooking inside when you left behind mountains of snow. Heck, you’d even BBQ it just so you can cook outside again.

grandfather with his granddaughter and grandson in the house yard

2. You simply must be right in there helping Papa cook it.

setting up the oil-less deep fryer for turkey cooking

3.  It is mandatory that your mother takes a picture of the turkey ready to cook. She is a food blogger after all. You simply sigh, move to the side and let her take her photos. You’re used to it, after all.

whole turkey inside the oil-less deep fryer ready to cook

4. It’s a well documented fact that standing with your hands on your hips and watching the turkey makes it cook faster.

kids standing with their hands on their hips and watching the turkey while its cooking inside the fryer

5. So you stand and watch it like this.

close up of young girl standing with her hands on her hips and watching the turkey inside the fryer

6. And like this.

close up of young boy standing with his hands on his hips and watching the turkey inside the fryer

7. After about three minutes of standing with your hands on your hips and the turkey hasn’t even browned, you realize that this is boring and  you leave the turkey cooking up to the adults.

Turkey cooking turns into craft time, because doesn’t everything turn into craft time?

small round table with supplies for crafts

8. You spend the rest of the afternoon crafting outside and listening to the adults discuss  when the turkey will be done, if it’s done and what Mom and Nana are making to go with the turkey. Booo-ring.

9. Rotate between asking why you can’t find any scorpions and if Papa will take you out that night with a black light looking for them. Keep asking. Over and over.

10. When the turkey is done and dinner is ready, go inside and tell you mom you don’t like turkey. Eat everything but the turkey. Then ask when you are going scorpion hunting.

11. Go scorpion hunting, because that’s what you do in Arizona after Christmas dinner.

12. Listen to your mother breath a sigh of relief that you didn’t find any scorpions and tell you that it’s time for bed.

This post brought to your courtesy of my own little turkeys.   😉




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  1. thatcriticguy says

    Great pics, that turkey fryer did a great job too. I think we need one!

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