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How To Catch Nightcrawlers

Sometimes I don’t even understand myself. I didn’t even know how to start this post. How can a woman who loves to bake,garden and cook, (plus has a love affair with shiny things and expensive leather purses) also be the least girly-girl I know?

Oh, that’s myself I am talking about, by the way. I know no other woman who thinks it’s beyond fun and hilarious to go hunting nightcrawlers.

Other than my sister, that is.


A bit of background that some people might not know and that might explain a lot of my, and her, weirdness.

We grew up in a hunting and fishing family, if it has 4 legs, wings or fins I have caught/fished/eaten it. Perhaps even if it doesn’t. There might be some weird random thing I have eaten that falls into a subcategory. You never know.

I’ve fished, hunted small game, sat in fear on the back of a quad behind my dad watching a bear !! down a cutline, listen to him swear when the moose we were hunting ran in front and behind us on said quad (I still laugh to this day) and even have my Hunter’s Education course. Which used to be all you needed to bear arms.

Nighty night, sleep tight and think of me holding a gun.

I digress, which is what I do best.

So to us, things like this, are fun.

As long as it’s not a leech. Random Karlynn fact, I can bait anything on a hook except leeches.

I cry.

I shake.

I suck my thumb.

It’s not pretty.

They are floaty and swirly and evil in water and attach to you in a nanosecond which makes me freak.

Ok seriously, on to the worms! Lord love a duck, I need to shut up sometimes.


Come out at night. Durrrr.

LOVE to come out when it’s wet.

So if you live in an old neighborhood like my sister, you might just have these guys.

Water your lawn and flowerbeds right before it gets dark outside, soak it up.

Then wait till dark.

Take a flashlight and shine it OVER, not on, the ground. As soon as you shine the light on them, they zippity zip down into the ground again.

And tread softly, they feel vibrations as well.

They hang out with one end tucked into the ground and the other out. Grab them by the end that’s in the ground and don’t let go!

They are so strong and slimy. The guy below is almost a foot long.

This one is just a baby, but great for fishun’!

We caught a ton of the suckers.

And my sister’s neighbors now think she is crazy.

We were out there with flashlights and pj’s at like 9 at night, crawling around in the yard.


Have I mentioned that I have seriously been looking into getting firearm certified again?

Nighty night!


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    June 10, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    Hahaha…I haven’t done that in forever!!! They are strong little suckers!

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