How Not To Do Pre-TV Selfies

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Oh my goodness, the pictures I find when I start cleaning things out a little bit! Yes, it’s time for a bit of fall cleaning photo-wise (you think your house is messy? Good grief, come look at my computer!) and I’m sorting through old photos.

These ones had Mr K and I holding our sides laughing. We completely remember taking them, last summer, before Mr K made his TV debut on Breakfast Television. 

It was rather a big morning, for not only him but myself as one proud Mama! So of course, I wanted to take a few pictures of the two of us together. A mirror “twofie”, as it might be, in the green room before Mr K went on the air.

The first one.

Well, that’s sure a nice paper towel dispenser. I’m also not sure what Mr K is doing with his face.

black paper towel dispenser near the mirror

Apparently I really, really loved that paper towel dispenser.

Have I also mentioned how heavy my camera is? I was also trying to shoot one-handed as well, using my camera that weighs a couple of pounds or more, depending on the lens.

Try holding a three pound weight in your hand motionless, aim it and then push a button.

That is what you get. A paper towel dispenser photo.

Wait wait! Let’s solve that problem by balancing it on your kids head!

I’d like to point out that this is definitely the clearest of the bunch.

Way to use your head, kid.

Har de har har.

Oh I look so flippin’ tired. Those early morning TV hours are brutal on the eye-baggage!

mother at the back of her child shooting picture using one hand only, balancing the camera on the kid's head

This works, but I look like some sort of weird camera-faced cyborg.


Is THIS what I look like all the time? Is this what my kids think I look like?

Oh my god. This is totally what they see 90% of their lives, isn’t it? Me with a camera attached to my face.

son in front of his mother selfie picture

Then we just gave up and started goofing around.

selfie picture of son and mother in the mirror

And then I shot the paper towel dispenser again.

another photo of paper towel dispenser

I give up. Enjoy the photos of the paper towel dispenser in the Edmonton Breakfast Television green room. Sigh.




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