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Woman in Yellow Shirt at the Hotel Room in Aria Las Vegas

I laugh every time I see this picture of myself. Could I be more of a smart aleck? I mean, seriously, if you could only read my mind as to what I was thinking at this moment when Mike told me to pose while he took a picture.

I honestly don’t know how he puts up with me. Oh right, wait, it’s because I bake him stuff. Yah, he doesn’t have it that bad.

All that aside, the Aria was one beautiful hotel. The rooms were large, with crisp, clean modern lines and being so new, hardly any wear showing to them at all.

Large, Clean Hotel Room in Aria Las Vegas

The bathroom was large and in charge.

Large Bathroom with Glass Door

The shower tub combo was a little weird.

I honestly thought to myself and then said out loud to Mike ” How many drunk people have fallen and killed themselves in this slippery shower?”

It’s NOT tipsy friendly. Oh my word. Sharp corners and slippery marble EVERYWHERE. There’s no little stop-slip ANYTHING on the floor.

Beautiful but deadly.

the shower tub combo in the large bathroom

It was so large that I could sit on the tub and then proceeded to take a selfie of myself in the sink mirror.

woman taking selfie in front of bathroom mirror

I loved the huge amount of storage when you walked in.

huge amount of storage inside the room

Voila! Like magic you have a ton of space for your clothes and luggage!

ton of space for the clothes and luggage inside the room

The room was, all in all, very lovely.
lovely view of the whole room

My only real complaint was the snack bar and the fridge.

We were warned when we checked in to not even PUT a single thing on the counter beside the snack bar (those bottles of water and assorted things you see in the picture below), Apparently if there was any movement or weight change, it would automatically assume that you took something out and charge you for it. (And they had no interest  or intent in refunding you the money for any mistakes, was the impression I received at the front desk) Don’t bump it, knock it, nothing.

So. Let me tell you how stressful anything like that would be with kids. *I* was stressed out, because let’s face it, I put all my things all over counters, all the time. And I did. And then I had to freak out that I set off the silly sensor. Bah.

classy casino and an open bar inside the room

All in all, it was a really beautiful hotel. I loved that the casino was classy, with very good ventilation (which gets rid of the cigarette soke VERY well) AND served an open bar when you were gambling, Yes, I had many mojitos there while playing the penny slots 😉

It also had a really nice patisserie, Jean Phillipe which I thought was delicious. There were some truly delicious, decadent offerings, like the trio shown below.

Jean Phillipe - nice patisserie of chocolate and strawberries

I also loved the Aria buffet, a seafood feast if I’ve ever seen one! I ate more crab legs than I could count!

Aria buffet - seafood feast with crab legs and mussels in white plate

The other restaurants…well, to be honest I preferred the offerings at the MGM Grand. I wasn’t dazzled by them at all.

Would we stay here again? Absolutely. I loved it. The lack of restaurants I liked doesn’t really matter, as there are so many more within walking distance of the hotel. I loved how clean and modern it was, how the cigarette smoke was barely noticeable in the casino area ( it can really bug Mike and I, headaches, etc) and how fun the casino was!

Have you stayed at the Aria? Thoughts?

Love you more than travel!


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  1. ShelleyJones1 says

    This was my first Vegas hotel.  Made the mistake of staying too soon after opening, and there were still kinks to be worked out, but I loved the modern elegance.  I agree about the floors, they are dangerous. They didn’t have the pressure sensor counters when we stayed, thank goodness!   Restaurants were also not to my liking, but as you said, easy to walk to others. Thanks for bringing back the good memories, we would stay again here.

  2. The Kitchen Magpie says

    Smoke in the casino. We get headaches from the smoke in the older hotels there. I could barely smell it!! No headaches!

  3. Donna Andrus says

    When you mentioned cigarette smoke….was it not a smoke free room? Or were talking about smoke in the Casino?

  4. The Kitchen Magpie says

    Thanks!! It’s all because of the killer shower LOL!

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