We survived.

That's really all that matters at this point.

To be honest, this is NOT the week to be doing any real in-depth analysis of homeschooling, in any way, shape or form. Mike and I are leaving for two weeks this Friday and have been going non-stop from dusk till dawn getting the house ready for my parents to come stay for two weeks. We are talking everything from cleaning out the garage so they can park their car in it to cleaning the house top to bottom. We are totally wiped.

Not only that, we don't get the opportunity to ease into homeschooling. Nope. We have to throw ourselves into it full bore so that we have a schedule going for my parents, which will make it easier for them to take it on while we are gone. Luckily my mom just retired from teaching, so I'm not throwing the lambs to the wolves by any means. However, the lack of taking our time to figure things out has definitely taken it's toll on all of us. Even those who are starting mainstream school are eased into it, so I'm rather proud of the kids for starting out so hard core.


Yesterday was a day full of technical difficulties, accounts not set up properly and figuring out schedules for the next day.

Today we finally started.

The kids are doing everything entirely online, meaning that their classes are taught online, assignments are submitted online etc.

Mr K had no problem figuring it out this morning. He was done his four core subjects well before noon (with a 9 am start time) and then was free to read and relax. That's even with completing assignments for two of the subjects.


How do you like homeschooling so far, my little Rose?

Oh. That good, huh?


Ah, that's better.

I sat with my Rose side by side this morning and while she worked, I worked.

It was surprisingly productive. I finished all my writing commitments for this month, helped her with all her work and we were done by one.


A late lunch followed.


After all the mornings work was done we plated hooky from all the work at home and went out geocaching and to take some first day of homeschool pics.

They were pretty adorable.

In this one picture. Out of about 45.


Is there something genetically programmed into a 10 year old boy that forces him to make goofy faces when faced with a camera? Is it hardwired in? Born with it?

Duck face much?


And then this one.

They sat down for literally one click of the shutter on my camera and my daughter jumped up shrieking  “There's red ants EVERYWHERE!”

There was one ant.

I admire how stoic she was, how brave. Folks, that is seriously one pained face she put on for me.

I have literally no explanation for my sons expression other than that whole genetics hardwired theory.


“Hey Mr K, how much did you love homeschooling today?”

*grabs throat and makes barfing noise*

(Seriously. Male genetics?)


Which, of course, my Rose thought was hilarious.


The Rose is going to be my homeschooling buddy this year and as much work as it's going to be, I am looking forward to it. There's something special about being able to spend this time with her – even if I'm pulling my hair out on occasion.



So really, there's not much to say for a few weeks on the homeschooling subject. I'm leaving my parents in charge for two weeks and I'm taking off and I'm so tired that I seriously cannot wait to have a quick vacation. We haven't taken a non-working vacation since last Christmas and while we are definitely working the first part of this trip, we are NOT working the last week!

So. We're set up to go with homeschooling.

I am so, so SO ready to GO to go on a small vacation!

How has everyone's first couple of days at school been? Are you all settling in?





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  1. The Kitchen Magpie Reply

    I will ASAP! Sorry haha I did this backwards a bit…

  2. Shellie Becker Reply

    Did you blog about your decision to homeschool? I have considered it many times but find the idea overwhelming.

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