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Hidden Ridge Resort, Banff Alberta

After shopping until we dropped in Banff, we went and checked into where we were staying, the Hidden Ridge Resort. We had never stayed there, the reason that we chose this place is they have family condo’s large enough to sleep 10 people, which we came pretty close to filling with the 9 of us.

The resort is absolutely beautiful, tucked up and out of the main part of Banff, nestled in the trees.


The very first thing the guys did was head to the hot tubs. And when I mean the first, I literally mean they hauled everything to the condo from the cars, got their swimming clothes on and disappeared.

I knew where they went and of course had to go harangue my husband for a while.

The hot tubs are the best part of the resort, the view is amazing. I suppose I shouldn’t call them both hot tubs, this one is a cooler pool that you can stay in longer, but is still deliciously warm.

This one is the actual steaming hot tub, where we tried to get a family picture.

Tried is the operative word here.

I love this bunch of crazies, I really do.

Another appreciated feature is the barbeque’s that are provided in a common family picnic area for everyone to use.

The menfolk burned up some meat for supper, some delicious rib eye steaks.

This is one of the amazing views that you get when you go for a lovely, chilly morning walk.

There is nothing better than waking up and taking a walk with a steaming mug of coffee in the crisp morning mountain air. Can you imagine if you were lucky enough to enjoy this every morning?



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