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blue eyes beyond the mask

I know, I know. Everyone I talk to mentions that you know I am sick/busy/overwhelmed when I don’t blog. Well, I am here to tell you that blogging is not the only thing that gets put aside. If you had taken a look at my poor, poor house the past 3 weeks, you would have asked the city to condemn it and and possibly get an exterminator over here stat.  So bloggin and cleaning my house are the first two to go. I might, in fact, give up cleaning the house first, actually,I am sure of it. However there was only enough time to take care of 3 sick kids (husband included) feed us all, get us to the doctor at one point, take temperatures, change sheets, do massive amounts of laundry, measure medicines and remember who gets what, and just survive.

Everyone except Mr K is done, now my poor baby boy has strep throat. We took him straight from school to the walk-in clinic yesterday, and I was amazed that it only took 2 hours. Not bad in the middle of a flu pandemic! I think we were lucky and got there before the after work rush.I knew it tho, the moment he told me his throat hurt and his breath coulda knocked over a water buffalo from 50 feet away. And his teacher said he was lethargic and un-talkative the whole day. Yet of course, he didn’t want to come home, it was Halloween party day.

So he’s on meds and on the mend. Again. Actually, he was the only un-medicated one the whole time we were sick, I guess he felt left out. So just on the mend. Again.

We’ll skip the swimming for him tomorrow, and just take The Princess, but we have the play The Jungle Book at the Citadel that Mike and I are taking him to tomorrow afternoon. His mood is great and since he’s on antibiotics since Friday he shouldn’t be contagious, but swimming = pushing my freaking luck. The Princess is  going to Uncle Wyatt’s to have her own visit since the Citadel is age 5+, and she’s excited to go see his pet moose black lab that she loves to pieces. Whatever works so she doesn’t feel left out.

Then I am going out to dinner tomorrow night for a delicious buffet of curries and rice pudding and pakoras oh my!!  if anyone else wants to join, drop me a line and I will let you know when and where.

I have done nothing except those sugar cookies for Halloween, even The Princess’s teacher mentioned it to me yesterday, that I was Mrs Halloween and didn’t even wear a costume and she couldn’t believe it. Call me the Halloween grinch this year. Three weeks of a sick family (wait, almost 4 now that Mr K is sick again) October was a complete write-off. I can’t wait to get all the assorted decorations put away, recycled etc and just get my house back. Grinchy grinchy grunch. That’s me.

I am sure that tonight I will have a great time, the kids are so excited and I am excited for them. And of course, a multitude of mini chocolate bars are coming my way. Yay Halloween!

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