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Harvest Days in Bon Accord, Alberta

A couple of weekends ago found the Magpie family out in Bon Accord Alberta. We had been invited to their Harvest Days festival, to partake in the Sturgeon County Bounty event that was – for the first time- taking place at the festival as well.

If you’re a long time reader of my site, you’ll know that last year we headed out to the Prairie Gardens Pumpkin Festival to try out the Sturgeon County Bounty there and had a fabulous time.

We started out the Bounty taste-testing at the Prairie Gardens Booth and I met the lovely Tam Andersen for the first time.


That girl can cook.

Look at these garlicky potatoes and dill. Shades of my grandmother’s Ukrainian cooking.

Her salad was to die for. I wanted to take a large bowl of it home and have it for a late dinner with white wine but forgot to ask for a to-go care package. Filled with garden delights – some marigolds and tender corn husk as well!- it was superb and one of the best salads I’ve eaten in years.

The bumbleberry shortcake was incredible as well and I was delighted to see that Tam uses a scone and makes real shortcake! So many people think those horrible little round white cakes in packages are shortcake and they couldn’t be further away from it.

She’s also the person who makes the absolute best pumpkin pie, according to my husband. He’s excited for fall and dreams of heading out to Prairie Gardens for a feast of that pie again.

Other treats were pasta and salad from Chelsea’s Pub….

The roasted pumpkin hummus from Don’s Bistro was a hit with the kids and myself!

We also liked the Tandoori chicken wings, can’t go wrong with Tandoori.

Ah my spoiled kids, forever getting to attend lovely food events. I am spoiling their tastebuds forever.

My boy who can’t seem to eat anything without it landing on his shirt, a God given talent I tell you.

After we tried almost everything we could between the 4 of us, it was time to check out the rides. I must admit that for the $5 fee for entry, the rides were cute and the kids hardly had to wait. There was also free face painting, carnival type games with little prizes and balloons with admission, can’t beat that for 5 bucks!

Mr K loved the  Kiddie Commando set up where you got to have a water fight with the army guys. We had to drag him out of there.

The Princess got all camo painted up, then changed her mind about liking it right as I was taking a picture of her.

After that Mr K just HAD to go on the scariest ride there of course, one that I don’t ever recall seeing before.  Lots of twirling and upside rotating and this mom being incredibly glad she didn’t have to go on it with him!

The Sturgeon County Bounty is one of my favorite events around. The ticket prices are reasonable – compared to A Taste of Edmonton for example- the food is local, indeed, the 50 mile diet is celebrated at the upcoming Sturgeon County Bounty at Prairie Gardens on September 29th. The food is also good. Real good. I am so excited to get out to Prairie Gardens again for the next event.

Speaking the upcoming festival and bounty…there’s definitely some concocting going on regarding this event. I’ll let everyone know when the details are finalized, but wait for an awesome announcement coming in September!


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