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two free seed packets on wood background

If you weren’t aware, this week is officially National Planting Week, running from June 5th-12th. This is the time to get out there and start planting all of those gorgeous flowers that you will enjoy all summer long. The crazy weather of May is behind us and it’s generally considered safe for us to fully plant our gardens now!

Are you ready for National Planting Week? The folks from Bees Matter want to make sure you have everything you need to plant the perfect #BuzzingGarden this summer.

As part of their initiative to encourage pollinator-friendly gardens for honey bees in Canada, they are giving away free seed packets through requests made on their website at

There is still plenty of time to order your seed kit and plant it this summer! Make sure to head to the website if you haven’t ordered your Buzzing Gardens Seed kit yet!

Each seed packet provides enough seeds to plant a 5 square foot pollinator-friendly garden to help honey bees and other pollinators have enough pollen to continue to thrive. I ordered and received mine last week. Every year, I make sure there’s an abundance of blooms in my garden to attract honey bees because most of my garden depends on them.

Even the trees we have in our front yard, apple and cherry, require them in order to successfully produce fruit each year. It’s funny how sometimes we don’t realize the value that honey bees provide for our gardens and trees. Without them and other pollinators, nothing would be successful and many of those lovely fruit bearing trees we all have would be fruitless.

I created a beautiful little area using some vintage drawers, wash basins and other items I picked up at a barn pick earlier this spring. I planted the seeds all throughout the garden below and then added some of the old wooden drawers as planter boxes with some additional flowers I picked up.

plating area with vintage drawers and wash basins where plants are planted

The seeds are incredibly easy to sow; simply scatter them onto the soil, covering the area you choose and then rake them into the ground. I then water them thoroughly – and eagerly await the blooms!

According to the Bees Matter website, a third of a honey bee’s life is spent flying to find pollen that they can return to the hive and while the number of honey bee hives in Canada is on the rise, we still need to do our part to help.

close up of pink flower with a bee flying near to it

Not only that, but remember that a whopping one in every three bites of food that we eat is made possible by honey bees and other pollinators. That’s a pretty remarkable number when you stop and think about it and really makes you realize the importance of these amazing creatures.

honey bees on hive in wooden box

If you want to help ensure that the honey bees have enough nutrition for their hives to make it through the winter, order your free seed kit below and get planting!

If you don’t have a kit yet, there’s still time! Go to Bees Matter and sign up to get yours! Once you’ve got your garden planted, be sure to share your stories and pictures on social media using the hashtag #Plantforbees.

Are you planning on getting out into your garden this week to plant? What types of plants do you have in mind? Leave me a comment in the comment section below letting me know and join the conversation with the hashtag #Plantforbees!




Disclosure: I am participating in the Bees Matter program and have been compensated. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.




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