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KadeCanmore-700x467 Happy Birthday to my First Teenager You guys.

This is the moment that my liver and I have been training for, all these long years. We’ve been working hard together over the years, to gird ourselves for what is about to happen in the next few years.

I’m officially the mom of a teenager today.

This boy is 13.


Just posting this photo of when he was little makes my heart break a little. Can anyone tell me how the past decade went so fast?

kids Happy Birthday to my First Teenager

He’s almost as tall as me now, definitely as tall as two of his aunts and almost as tall as his Uncle Wyatt. He eclipsed his Nana in height about 2 years ago, so that’s nothing new.

He’s also truly one of the nicest kids I know and I’m not just saying that because he’s mine. This kid is just genuinely nice, so nice that I constantly worry about the world eating him alive just because he’s too kind and compassionate.

His sister is helping to train him up real dang good, however. She specializes in all little sister things, such as giving him a hard time, calling him names when she gets mad and even the occasional whack when she thinks we aren’t looking.

We’re always looking, Miss Rose. Stop hitting your brother.

mrk4-700x525 Happy Birthday to my First Teenager

He’s a technology nut, just like the rest of the kids his age. This morning his Nana and Papa Skyped him to wish him a happy birthday. Questions included how he’s liking school, if being a teenager feels any different and if there’s any cute girls that he likes in class.  <—- you can guess that Papa was the one asking that last question.

His birthday wishes included a subscription to Popular Science, which surprised none of us. He’s been reading them for years so it’s about time he had his own subscription, so thanks to Nana and Papa, Mr K’s getting smarter every month now. 😉

MrK1-700x525 Happy Birthday to my First Teenager

He got to choose wherever he wants to eat tonight for his birthday dinner and it looks like we are off to Soda Jerks here in Edmonton, which makes sense because we never eat there. We never are able to get over there to the West end and if we are, we are visiting relatives. This kid loves their chili cheese hotdog ( and pop!) more than anything else in the world.  He got brown sugar bacon waffles for breakfast ( watch for the recipe) and then booted out the door to school. He’s got swim team right after school which is awesome because he’ll work up that giant teenage appetite for that hotdog that happens to be the size of his arm.

This morning’s important decision was whether he was in a Dare Devil or Punisher mood with his reversible toque. Dare Devil it was.

Mr2-700x525 Happy Birthday to my First Teenager


There’s nothing that makes time fly more than having children to pace that time out for you. I know that’s what “they” all say, but it’s true. My birthday every year doesn’t make me feel as though time is flying by, however watching my children grow up at what seems to be the speed of light? Insane. Crazy. I can’t believe how fast the time went.

So, it’s a good thing I had him when I was 20, aimight or amiright??

Sigh. Fine, I had him when I was 27. I know you can all do basic math so I’m sure that you thought uh Magpie? You’re 40 this year, FYI. We’re keeping track, you know.

Yes, and you can all tell me when I’m too old for this food blogging gig and I’ll head to Vancouver Island and retire with my cats and dog. I might even take Mr Magpie with me, you never know.

For right now, my liver and I are ready. I have two more years grace until I have TWO TEENS in the house and at that point you guys, I’m not sure if my liver can handle the hormones that are going to be rampant. Even right now with my “tween” and my “teen”, it’s as much as I can handle.

So Happy Birthday to my firstborn, Mr K. We love you tons and couldn’t wish for a better kid. Here’s to surviving the teenage years together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. <3





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  1. Wilf N Donna Urbanoski Reply

    Still a pair, hard to catch one without the other.

    • The Kitchen Magpie Reply

      Haha this is a great pic! Those kids would happily live in Phoenix!

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